Do you have furniture that needs an updated look but you don’t want to buy all new hardware. This is a fast and cheap way to update drawer pulls and knobs.

Check Out How To Get Updated Drawer Pulls Cheap

Check Out How To Get Updated Drawer Pulls Cheap

If you you want to give a piece of furniture a facelift and the hardware isn’t terrible, or you don’t want to spend another $30-50 on hardware, what do you do? Well I am about to show you. Just like how paint can completely transform a piece of furniture, paint can also do that with your drawer pulls and knobs! I have painted many a piece of hardware!! Below is a list of the products I used for these particular drawer pulls.

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Supply List:

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Setting Up Your Hardware

The first thing you will want to do is screw your screws into cardboard or wood. I like to paint the screws to complete the look and make it more nice and professional. The reason I put the screws in this way is so they aren’t rolling around and then they are unevenly painted.

Check Out How To Get Updated Drawer Pulls Cheap

Once I have screwed all the screws into the wood or cardboard I lay out the drawer pulls and knobs out in a line. When I spray the hardware I do light coats. Your finish will be much nicer if you do thin coats rather than glob it on in one coat. Spraying thin and even coats will prevent dripping and blotches.

Check Out How To Get Updated Drawer Pulls Cheap

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How To Spray Your Drawer Pulls

As you are spraying, whether it’s a spray paint or painting paint with a paint sprayer, thin coats is the best way to do it. Why? Because when you start putting too much or too thick of coats on with spraying you run the risk of drips, uneven paint, splotches, and a bad finish. When you do thinner coats that you may need more of, your finish will be much nicer. Another step before painting is priming your paint can by spraying the cardboard or wood. Then you will paint the thin layers. Allow an hour between coats. Once your hardware is dry you will flip handles and rotate the drawer pulls and knobs to hit every angle.

Check Out How To Get Updated Drawer Pulls Cheap

Sealing You Hardware

At the end of the day you want your drawer pulls and knobs to last right? I used Rustoleum’s clear sealer in matte. I used the same method with the sealer thin coats. I sprayed about 3 coats on my hardware.

Check Out How To Get Updated Drawer Pulls Cheap

The After Math

This is super easy and way cheaper than replacing all of your hardware! Look at the difference below!!