Are you tired of the same old Halloween home decor? Never fear! I am here to show you how to transform those cheap plastic decor items into awesomeness!!

halloween skulls

Spice Things Up With This Easy And Unique Halloween Home Decor

Have you ever painted that cheap plastic decor you get from your local store? Did you EVEN know it was possible? Well friends, I am here to tell you and SHOW you it is!!! I am super excited about this!! Below is a list of supplies you will need for your halloween home decor. These are affiliate links but they cost you zero dollars to use, when you click and purchase through them I get a small kick back which just helps to support my small business so I can keep bringing you fun and free content!!

What do you need?

From Boring to Brilliant

The first thing we need to do with this plastic halloween home decor is get it ready. Slick stick is a gripping primer designed to be used with any NON wood surface. For example glass, tile, formica, laminate, and of course plastic. Slick stick is formulated so that you can paint surfaces that have problems with paint sticking. As a result you can paint and not worry about peeling or the paint having adhesion issues.

Using Slick Stick

For these little cuties I used a cheap chip brush. You will need two coats of slick stick overall. Paint your first coat, allow a few hours to dry. Paint your second coat. Once you have painted your second coat, allow 24 hours to dry and cure before you paint over it. Be patient grasshopper!

slick stick

Adding Appliques

For this next part I used a product that is super easy and fun!! These are called Wood-U-Bend Mouldings. They are a company out of the U.K. You can find your local retailers here. In a few weeks I WILL also update this with a link of where to directly find them. In the meantime lets talk about how to use them. (If these are not available to you, there are other options of appliqués, or you can forgo them all together).

It has been 24 hours since our second coat of slick stick was applied. I took my first WoodUBend piece and did a “dry” placement of where I wanted it to go. Once I knew where it would be placed, I took my hair dryer and began to warm it up. Once the appliqué was warm and flexible I moulded it to the surface, held for a few seconds and then just let it sit on the surface until it cooled down.

applying appliqués

Securing Wood-U-Bend 

When you are using Wood-U-Bend products, you need to make sure you are aware of the surface you are adhering to. For application on wooden furniture, high quality wood glue is perfect. For this situation I am adhering the wood appliqués to a plastic surface, therefore, I need a multi surface glue. A glue that will bond wood to these plastic skull halloween home decor pieces. I did use loctite multi surface adhesive here, buttttt I prefer Titebond Multi-surface adhesive glue. I just ran out. 


Wood To Plastic

So like I just stated above, multi-surface glue is what I am using. I took the cooled, formed appliqué off and added my glue. Once my glue was added, I set it back in the position that it was previously formed to. I held it in place for a few seconds so I knew it would not fall off, then I used my blow dryer to re-warm the Wood-U-Bend piece. Once it was warm and flexible again, I pressed it firmly in place making sure there were no gaps. I held it for about a minute or so JUST to make sure the glue was holding in those areas. 

gluing moulds

Layering Wood-U-Bend Products

Once I was sure, I added a few more for a layered look on top using the SAME EXACT process. At this point, walk away and allow your glue to fully set before you move on.

layering appliques
Did You See This Amazing Rusted Patina Paint Finish?

From Plastic to Patina!

Having the most unique halloween home decor is the name of the game with this tutorial! I am going to now show you how to pull everything together and create super cool decor. It is no secret the Dixie Belle Patina Line is one of my all time favorite products to use. Naturally I used it for these little cuties. 

Patina, Patina, Patina

The most important part of using the patina line is the base coat. You need to lay down a base coat of the patina paint, then allow it to dry. For this skull I added all three paint colors in the line, iron, copper, and bronze.

Once Your base coat of paint is dry, you will need to add another coat. I placed the second coat in all the same place I put the first. While this second coat is still WET, is when you will want to spray your paint. The paint needs to be wet and that is what creates a reaction with the spray. For this halloween home decor skull I sprayed BOTH green and blue sprays. The entire line is interchangeable with each other. 

patina spray
patina paint

Sealing Patina Paint

Check out the reaction!! For copper and bronze you can generally see a reaction within a few minutes, the iron paint which creates a rust look takes longer. Once you spray your piece you need to just walk away and allow it time to do it’s thing. Once your piece is dry, you can choose to seal it or not seal it. If and when I seal any of my patina pieces I like using Easy Peasy Spray Wax. This will seal your piece without changing the colors of your patina drastically and it maintains the matte finish of the patina line. 

easy peasy spray wax


Final Product

halloween home decor

Seriously LOOK HOW CUTE!!! Can you even BELIVE these are cheap plastic under all that coolness?

Are you going to try this?? Let me know what you think!!!