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Hello, how may I assist you?

Rule 1: Be Specific

Instead of saying, "Write a blog post about our new shoes," you could say, "Craft an engaging blog post about our new eco-friendly running shoes, highlighting their durability, comfort, and how they contribute to the wearer's overall fitness journey."

Rule 2: Aim for Emotion

Don't just prompt, "Write a marketing email." Instead, try, "Compose a comforting marketing email that assures our customers of the unwavering quality of our products during these challenging times."

Rule 3: Embody Your Brand

Instead of instructing your AI, "Create a social media post," you could say, "Create an inspiring social media post that showcases our brand's commitment to environmental sustainability and our journey to reducing waste."

Rule 4: Challenge Creatively

Don't limit your AI with, "Come up with a slogan." Try saying, "Create a catchy and heartwarming slogan that conveys our mission to bring families together with our homemade-style meal kits."

Rule 5: Refine and Retry

If your AI doesn't get it right the first time, don't lose heart. If it drafts, "Check out our latest line of eco-friendly running shoes," and it's not quite right, try refining the prompt. You could say, "Try again. This time, emphasize the connection between our eco-friendly running shoes and the runner's commitment to their fitness and the environment."

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