Every year I create a piece for living donor awareness. I was able to donate my kidney 2 years ago to a friend. This year we are doing Scottish Tartan Plaid and Rust!!

Living Donor Awareness Piece 2019 | Scottish Tartan Plaid and Rust

Two years ago I donated my left kidney to my friend Kim. I am an artist and each year I have made it a goal to bring awareness through art to living donor awareness. I wanted to focus on the holidays while still creating a rustic piece that we could have in our home all year. The last two pieces I created were sold and I donated the proceeds, this year I am keeping the piece of furniture. Truth is I created it for my husband who is from Maine and a huge plaid lover. He also was a huge part of the process and I couldn’t have done this without him. 

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Before we get into it, I want to share my story with you. If you would like to read my story check it out below 👇🏻👇🏻

Let’s Create Art AND Living Donor Awareness!!

Kidney disease has a green ribbon for awareness. That is why each year I do a piece where the main focus is green. This year I chose Dixie Belle’s Evergreen for my green shade. This color goes perfect with the Gingham Red decor transfer and it’s just a beautiful deep but bright green. The first part of this was to mix up the evergreen with some sea spray. I did one scoop of the sea spray and just added paint until I got a good thick pancake batter like consistency. 

  • Adding The Texture and Paint

I then took my plastic spatula and spread the mixture on flat surfaces. With my chip brushe I got all the non-flat surfaces and created some peaks by dabbing the surface for more texture. (Make sure when you are painting, if you want to use a decor transfer you leave the texture OFF of areas you want the transfer).

Living Donor Awareness Piece 2019 | Scottish Tartan Plaid and Rust
I only did this on the top half of the furniture piece.

Living Donor Awareness Piece 2019 | Scottish Tartan Plaid and Rust

Adding Crusty Rust

You KNOW I love my texture and I especially love my rusty crusty texture. So naturally it was going on here!! This first step is the same as with the evergreen, mix some sea spray with the Iron Patina Paint. As a result, I got a great textured mixture that I could then paint on the bottom.

Living Donor Awareness Piece 2019 | Scottish Tartan Plaid and Rust

I needed to let the paint to dry first before I could put a second coat of the iron paint. Once your first coat of patina paint is dry, you then can put your second coat. You need to spray your patina once the second coat is on and still wet. Therefore, you will get the patina paint and spray during its activation period. 

Adding Tartan and Copper

While I was waiting for the Iron and Green to dry, I applied my Decor Transfer and copper patina. 

Once all of the paint was dry, I added my second coat of copper and iron on top of the dried areas, then sprayed the areas with my Green Activator Spray. As a result, patina magic was under way!!

Creating A Chippy Look!

The final step in this process to create a weathered look is to take a stiff putty knife and scrap off the dried paint. Of course you want to seal this about 24 hours laster with your favorite sealer but for now, this is as far as we go. Don’t worry though, I created a YouTube video for you as well. 



You Tube Video ❤️❤️

Okay so here is the final piece below!! I would love to hear what you think in the comments!!! Will you try this? Will you share this with your friends?? 


Living Donor Awareness Piece 2019 | Scottish Tartan Plaid and Rust