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What is Creative Chaos W/ Crys'Dawna?

Private Membership Group

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A group where you will learn a wealth of information that will help not only expand your business knowledge and build your social media presence but you will learn about painting techniques, styling, colors. I will also do basic power tool series as well. Open for membership at $30/Month.



Bella Renovare is committed to protecting consumer credit card data in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Our alignment with this standard is reflected in the people, technologies and processes we employ. The card you use for initial sign-up will be automatically charged every month based on the day of the month you join. We conduct regular vulnerability scans and penetration tests in accordance with the PCI DSS requirements for our business model. We attest to our PCI compliance annually.

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Join Creative Chaos W/ Crys'Dawna

Business Knowledge Training

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Build Your Social Media Presence

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Painting Technique Classes

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I have been a member of Creative Chaos with Crys’Dawna since it began…and I have been amazed at how much she presents each month and how much I have learned!! This group is great for beginning furniture artists and experienced alike! She has masterfully and thoughtfully prepared the lessons which she presents in various ways - live trainings, pre-recorded step-by-step videos and also documents that we can print to refer back to. The topics she covers are pertinent to those who are just trying to learn how to paint/refinish furniture as well as business insights, tips and strategies. But, even more than all that, she is just a treasure of a person…so kind, easy to talk to, not intimidating at all…and always willing to help and answer questions!! I believe the value of this group is definitely worth the investment in yourself and your business.


Crys'Dawna has always created incredibly helpful YouTube videos, offering insight into each process that goes into each piece that she has refinished. Being able to be in a specialized group where one on one interaction is available and things are taken a step further has been incredible, and so many great tools for success have been offered at a really affordable monthly price. Not only are refinishing techniques gone over, but behind the scenes business antics and several other useful pieces of information to succeed as a business owner are offered to the class. I absolutely love how the group has turned into a massive support system for all of us where we are able to post current projects, ask questions, and lean on one another for feedback. I think there's useful information for everyone regardless of experience level in artistry or knowledge on the business side of things. 

Being in the artists industry, it's been a common occurrence in my experience to run into folks who are intimidated by others and don't wish to share any of their knowledge and Crys'Dawna has been everything but that. She is a fantastic mentor and truly wishes for people to succeed. She is incredibly talented and knowledgable and finds genuine joy in helping others in their journey and has gone above and beyond for so many of us, ensuring our success. 

I highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to push their skill level and refinishing business to the next level.


Having interacted with Crys on and off for the past five years - I’ve always known that she is helpful, kind and always willing to share her knowledge to help others.   Now take that one step further (because, even with Crys - it’s possible!) and that is exactly what happens within the Chaos Group.  She not only brings her knowledge to the group beyond what I’ve seen before but has also brought together people within all various levels of the creative world and fosters lifting each other up and offering our own experiences to work with each other in a way I’ve not seen before.   From power tools to various curves of learning for different social media outlets to painting techniques - I’ve found my ‘home’ and my people!  Wendy J/WeJo Arts.


Creative Chaos with Crys'Dawna has been a crucial part of transforming my business over the past couple months. From tools and tricks of the trade, to social media ideas and staging, Crys'Dawna gives of herself and her knowledge freely and openly in easily digestible content. Every video and live has taught me something I didn't know before. Each month gives me things to start implementing in my own business to grow and reach my own personal goals.   The community is kind, loving, inclusive and supportive, no matter the experience level or product used by the individual. What else would you expect from a group by Crys'Dawna?? I love a warm, welcoming, artistic space and this is what Creative Chaos has given me.


I have been a member of Creative Chaos since the beginning and am truly amazed at the amount of information Crys’Dawna shares with us all. Everything from working with tools, repairing secrets and social media training that she has taught specifically tailored to the creative industry. Everything is so well explained and nothing is too much to ask of her. You won’t regret joining! I promise. Lj Lynch owner of Pureco Paints.

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