Do you want to give your bathroom an updated look? Are you on a budget? Follow this guide on how to easily paint you bathroom cabinets for an updated look.

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How To Paint Your Bathroom Cabinets In One Afternoon

Do you want to update your bathroom cabinets? Yes? Are you wanting to spend an arm and a leg on a new vanity? No! So here’s how you can get an updated look on a budget. Guess what? It will only take you an afternoon to do this. Not only is this project painting your bathroom cabinets easy, but it will only take up a day of your time.

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Prepping Your Bathroom Cabinets

The first step to this makeover is to clean your bathroom cabinets really well. I used Dixie Belle’s White Lightning. Making sure the cabinets were cleaned really well.  Afterwards I took a rag with just plain water and wiped over the cabinets again to get any residual soap off. This part os very important. As a result you will not have adhesion issues from left over cleaning residue.

How To Paint You Bathroom Cabinets In One Afternoon

Remove Hardware

Before painting, the doors and hardware need to be removed. I also removed the makers tag with a screw driver.

How To Paint You Bathroom Cabinets In One Afternoon

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Let’s Get Painting These Bathroom Cabinets

After the cleaning is done and the hardware and doors are off, paint the shell of the cabinet. Afterwards you will paint the doors. Once there were two coats of paint and everything is dry, you can put the doors back on.  Be sure to check out if  any touchups are needed.  Dixie Belle’s Finishing Pad is a great tool to go over the dried finish to knock down and smooth any minor imperfections.

How To Paint You Bathroom Cabinets In One Afternoon

Adding Gator Hide

Once the paint is dry and you have used the finishing pad, you will seal the cabinet. I used Dixie Belle’s Gator Hide and blue sponge. Pour the Gator Hide into a disposable bowl or plate, or in this case I used a Tupperware lid. (Because I have a million and no container to go with them). I used a dry sponge and apply with  long even strokes.

How To Paint You Bathroom Cabinets In One Afternoon

Check out the finished product below!! crazy transformation right?? I also did a video for you!!

How To Paint You Bathroom Cabinets In One Afternoon


What do you think? Are you going to paint your cabinets??

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