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Add Character To Your Furniture Easily With This Old World Finish

Do you want to take your furniture to the next level? You have to try this old world finish that will add the best kind of character to your pieces!

Add Character To Your Furniture Easily With This Old World Finish

Trying new techniques for your furniture painting or even home decor doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be intimidating. I want to share with you how I get this old world finish. Then I hope you will try it as well! I will first start by giving you a supply list to get this old world finish but first I want to tell you something. These products are linked to my affiliate dashboard. What does that mean? It means that when you click on them and make a purchase, you are supporting me and my small business. Using these will never ever cost you money. This is just a great way to give back to myself and other artists or influencers who take the time to put together great content for you.

Now let’s get rollin!!!

Supply List:

  1. Gravel Road Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. Sawmill Gravy Chalk Mineral Paint

  3. French Linen Chalk Mineral Paint

  4. Dixie Belle’s Sea Spray Texture Additive

  5. Flat Medium Synthetic Brush by Dixie Belle

  6. Easy Peasy Spray Wax

  7. Cheap Chip Brushes

  8. Plastic Paint Spatula

  9. Mixing Cups

  10. Mixing Sticks

  11. 120 grit sandpaper

  12. 000 steel wool

Remember to always PREP your furniture before you even think about touching it with any sort of paint!! You can see how I PREP FURNITURE below.

Get The Simple And Easy Guide To Furniture Preparation

Getting Started!

Now that I hope you have prepped your piece, we will start with the fun stuff!! First thing we need to do is lay down a base coat. I painted this entire piece in Dixie Belle’s Gravel Road. This cute two tiered table has been my go to on testing different products. It is time she becomes the belle of the ball!

After you have let that base coat completely dry, you want to mix up your Sea Spray and French Linen. This texture additive is going to be what really makes an old world finish on your pieces. You want to make sure it is like a thick pancake batter like consistency. If it feels a little too dry, add more paint. Too runny? Add more sea spray.

Perfecting An Old World Look With Sea Spray

You really can’t go wrong when creating the perfect texture, however I want to show you MY technique. This technique will give you an orange peel look. First step is to take a plastic paint spatula and spread it onto your piece, not too thick. After you spread it, use the chip brush to pounce the mixture. Then you will make sure your spatula is clean and you want to very lightly drag the spatula across the pounced area. As a result you will get an orange peel textured look. 

Once you have applied your Sea Spray and paint mixture, allow it ample time to dry. This may take a few hours to half a day. Dry time solely depends on the thickness you apply and your local weather. You need to allow the Sea Spray enough time to dry before the next step. As a result you will get a really nice, crusty textured result.

Let’s Get An Old World Finish

After your Sea Spray mix has dried properly, the next step is paint. I applied one more layer of the Gravel Road. You will want to dab and pounce a little on areas to really get into that texture.

Let this layer of paint dry. Once this layer is dried, you are going to break out the 120 grit sandpaper and 000 steel wool. You will lightly go over the flat areas with your 120 grit sandpaper. This will reveal the layer of Sea Spray and French Linen mix that is below the Gravel Road. I also go over these areas with the steel wool, along with any hard to reach places.

Doesn’t this look awesome so far?!?! 

Next step is dry brushing the Sawmill Gravy. You will need another dry clean chip brush along with your Sawmill Gravy. Dry brushing is a technique using a light hand to feather over surfaces. You want to try to have a light and steady hand when dry brushing. This technique will really tie this entire old world look together. The paint catches in all the right areas.

Finalizing The Look

 I always seal everything. For this I used the Easy Peasy Spray Wax because of all texture. You can use whatever sealer you like, I just find this the easiest and I like to keep the sheen matte to replicate a stone look.

Are you ready to see the final result??

What do you think of this look? Let me know if you would ever try this! What would you try this on? Thank you so much once again for hanging out with me, I hope you found this helpful!! 



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