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Blue and Purple Chalk Mineral Paint Dresser Makeover

A while ago, I did a similar style of painting and called it the Mermaid Blended Dresser and it was one of my most popular posts that I still get questions about to this day! So I decided to recreate it but flip the colors so that it goes from light at the top to darkest at the bottom. The jewel tone blues and purples are still my absolute fave and the end result is AMAZING. The blending takes time but it’s so worth it when you have a piece that looks like this. Here’s how you can create your own blue and purple chalk mineral paint dresser makeover.

Supply List for Chalk Mineral Paint and other Essentials

Here’s what you need for this project:

* This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from one of these links, I could make a commission at no charge to you.

  1. Surf Prep Sanding Kit (Use Coupon Code BELLARENOVARE10 )

Getting Started: Scuff Sanding and Cleaning the Piece

To get started I needed to scuff sand the top with a 220 grit because it had that shiny finish that I wanted to remove.