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Check Out This Easy Awesome And Unique Painted Dresser Makeover

Who doesn’t love an extreme makeover?? I took this dated dresser and gave it a whole new and special look! Check out this painted dresser makeover!!

Check Out This Easy Awesome And Unique Painted Dresser Makeover

Painting furniture gives pieces that we would otherwise throw to the wayside a new life. I get that it’s not for everyone but each piece that I have the chance to work with, is my canvas. I am an artist and every piece will be a work of art. This dresser is a unique. I hope you love this painted dresser makeover as much as I do!

Check out the before…..sad right?

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Supply List

  1. Hurricane Gray Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. Putty Chalk Mineral Paint

  3. Pine Cone Chalk Mineral Paint

  4. Caviar Chalk Mineral Paint

  5. Satin Top Coat

  6. Synthetic Paint Brushes from Dixie Belle

  7. Artist Brushes

  8. Re-Design With Prima Decor Transfer- Cheetah (Coming soon!)

  9. Art Alchemy Vintage Gold Wax

  10. Prima Wax Brushes

Painting Your Base Coat

My first step in this transformation was to paint the top of the dresser in two coats of Hurricane Gray and the bottom in two coats of Putty. When I blend furniture I like to lay down one to two base coats first, that way the paint is nice and set. This will allow for you to work the paint more and not worry about it pulling down to the wood of the furniture. 

Blending The Paint 👆🏻👆🏻

Once your base coat is completely dry, you will need three brushes. One for each color and a neutral brush. Focus on the line where your paint will be blended. Paint the top color again, then paint the bottom color again. Take your neutral brush and brush back and forth horizontally, vertically, and swirl in circles. I put together a video below on how to “dry blend” below 👇🏻👇🏻

( I use dry blending with hard to blend colors, it helps to not muddy up the colors as much vs. water)

Adding And Enhancing The Transfer

I used Re-Design With Prima’s Cheetah Decor Transfer on this painted dresser makeover. The transfer itself is only black. There are some areas where the print ends abruptly and instead of butting them up against a sharp edge, I just filled them in with Caviar by Dixie Belle. As a result, I had a more completed finish and didn’t have to worry about putting the transfer in certain places. I went over all of these areas twice to ensure that it would match the color of the transfer. 

How To Use Decor Transfers For Beginners

Completing The Cheetah Print

If I am being honest this transfer is a mixture of Cheetah and Leopard. Both of which I love! So I took the Pinecone Paint and my artist brush and added the contrasting color in the center of “most” of the spots. I say most because I used my discretion on this one and didn’t go overboard. As a result, my Cheetah dresser felt more complete.

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