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Check Out This Furniture Turned VW Bus With This Nightstand Makeover!

I love transforming furniture into cool things, this nightstand makeover was no exception!! My clients son has a car themed room and so taking his nightstand and making it look like an old VW bus was the plan!!! Below is a list of supplies to use for this look. These are affiliate links, they cost you no money to use but I do earn a small commission if you click and buy through them. Supply List

  1. Green EZ Furniture Cleaner

  2. Kashmir Chalk Synthesis Paint Wise Owl

  3. Charleston Green Chalk Synthesis Paint Wise Owl

  4. Heavy Metals Metallic in Mercury

  5. Sea Salt Chalk Synthesis Paint Wise Owl

  6. Matte Varnish by Wise Owl

  7. Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer (Gray)

  8. Paint Brushes

  9. Painters Tape

  10. Surf Prep Sander (Use Code BELLARENOVARE10 for 10% off)


Prepping For Your Nightstand Makeover

It is always important to clean your furniture really well. Once that is dry you should also scuff sand to give the surface what people like to refer to as “tooth” or “bite”. As a result this allows the paint to adhere even better. I used the GREENEZ cleaner for this and you can either put it in a bucket and dilute it, you could use it full strength orrrrr you can pre make some in a water bottle like I did here. Generally I use that for less dirty jobs. I also always rinse with clean water and a clean rag to get residual cleaner off.

I will also be priming this nightstand with Wise Owl’s Gray Primer. Because I am using a few lighter colors and I want to ensure it has the best surface possible for the nightstand makeover!

Nightstand Makeover Into A VW Bus!

The next step in this nightstand makeover was to start making it look like a VW Bus! First step is to paint the top whatever color you want. Generally they are a lighter color so I used Kashmir by Wise Owl. This is a warm white color.

Creating The VW Shape and Metallic Stripe

All VW Buses have a V shape on the front. Painters tape helps in getting the perfect lines for this. I also wanted to created a metallic accent stripe to really make this unique. The Heavy Metals Metallic line was the perfect choice! I used Mercury in that line and it only took two coats!

Finishing Off The Nightstand Makeover

Charleston Green is the perfect color for the bottom of this nightstand makeover.

Creating windows is the last step in this makeover. I used Sea Salt to create two little windows at the top of this nightstand makeover. After I finished painting the bottom I sealed the entire piece with matte varnish. As a result this will be super tough and durable for my clients son.

Video and Finished Nightstand Makeover

I have created a video for a more in-depth tutorial. Also, check out the added final picture below! I hope you enjoyed this nightstand makeover because I had so much fun creating it!

Happy Creating Friends!! XOXOXO


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