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Create The Perfect Dark Painted Furniture Finish By Hand

Have you ever had problems with getting a streak free finish on dark painted furniture? Let me show you how to create a perfect finish. Below is a list of supplies to use for this look. These are affiliate links, they cost you no money to use but I do earn a small commission if you click and buy through them. Supply List

  1. Green EZ Furniture Cleaner

  2. Inkwell Chalk Synthesis Paint Wise Owl

  3. Matte Varnish by Wise Owl

  4. Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer (Gray)

  5. Wall/Deck Brush

  6. Surf Prep Sander (Use Code BELLARENOVARE10 for 10% off)

Time For The Cheetah To GO!


Have you ever painted a piece of furniture and maybe added a decor transfer but years later said, NOPE not for me? Well that is kind of sort of the case for this. The cheetah needed to go which was a decor transfer and hand painted. I wanted to do a more masculine and clean look. Dark painted furniture can be a challenge especially if you don’t take the right steps. Let me show you how I do it!

Preparing For A Dark Painted Furniture Finish

First and forest with ANY paint finish you must ALWAYS clean your furniture. Once I had finished cleaning this piece, I removed the transfer by sanding it. My surf prep 3×4 electric ray was great for this job! Afterwards I started with an 80 grit to strip and remove, 120 to start smoothing and remove, lastly I moved to a 220 grit to finish and smooth. The key to flawless dark painted furniture is to have a good canvas to start with. Smooth and clean.

Painting You Dark Painted Furniture!

The color is Inkwell by Wise Owl Paint Company. This color is a beautiful deep almost blue black color. With it being a dark color I knew it would take extra effort into getting the perfect finish. Especially because it will be painted by hand. The first step is to do thin coats with a high quality brush. Thin coats allows the paint to self level better. You can also put a coat of a dark grey primer down as a result you will get better coverage.

Sealing Dark Painted Furniture To Perfection

Once your paint is completely dry, smoothing the entire finish with a 220 or above sandpaper will be the next step. Once you are done, clean the entire piece with a tact cloth or microfiber cloth.

The next step is to mix the matte varnish with a small amount of Inkwell. Mix just enough of the paint into the topcoat that it tints it. This will help you get less streaks. A good rule of thumb would be 1TBS to 1/2 C paint.

Applying Topcoat

Once the topcoat and paint are mixed, I pour it into a paint tray. I do this because I use a wall/deck brush to apply the mixture. You still want to use light coats and stay in one direction. Between each coat, sand with a high grit sandpaper 220 or above to knock down imperfections and smooth brush strokes. Generally after 2-3 coats everything will even out and you should have a really nice clean finish. Be sure to brush any drips.

Video and Final Pictures

Below I have added a video for you and a final picture!! I hope you love it and find this helpful!!! Happy Creating Friends! XOXO


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