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Elegant Painted Buffet Makeover

Hello readers! I’ve got a really special project this week. It’s an elegant painted buffet makeover and I’m super excited about this one for several reasons. This piece came from a thrift store in Luxembourg and I’m painting it for my friend who is now stationed only a few hours away from me and who really wants a painted piece of furniture from me. I have gotten a ton of requests for something green so that’s what I’m doing today. Plus totally fitting that green it’s the kidney donor awareness color and you may know that I’m a living kidney donor – so this is perfect! Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need for the Elegant Painted Buffet Makeover

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Step 1 of the Elegant Painted Buffet Makeover: Removing Hardware and Cleaning

The first thing I did was remove the handles and the metal keyhole cover which was broken apart in 3 pieces and had put back on with glue. I’ve mentioned before that I keep everything! So I was able to replace this with something from an older piece. This is the exact reason why I reuse and keep everything. You just never know when you might need that little metal keyhole that came off a piece years ago.

Elegant Painted Buffet Makeover

The new keyhole cover!