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Faux Textured Finish the Easy Way

Who doesn’t want to learn new techniques to take their furniture business or hobby to the next level? Nobody that’s who, so never fear I am here to teach you step by step how to achieve a faux textured finish.

Faux Textured Finish the Easy Way

Faux Textured Finish the Easy Way

In order to achieve this finish, it’s fairly simple. Using a few small steps and a couple of tools you will complete this easily. Using a faux textured finish is not only beautiful, but adds depth and dimension to your piece. You don’t have to actually use any kind of textured medium because the layering of paints. Faux finishes are a huge hit right now in the furniture painting business. Oftentimes we search for new finishes to take or furniture business to the next level therefore giving us the ability to offer different techniques to our clients or on our free-lance work. Let’s get creating friends!!!

For this finish you will need the following supplies: (These are the exact colors I used as well but you can choose whatever colors/brands you would like).

  1. Coffee Bean (base coat)

  2. Pine Cone (layer 1)

  3. Mud Puddle (layer 2)

  4. Putty (layer 3)