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Get An Amazing Weathered Look On Furniture With Black Wash

Do you want a weathered look on your furniture?? Did you know a quick black wash can give you a quick and easy distressed, weathered look? I will show you!

Get An Amazing Weathered Look On Furniture With Black Wash

So really this tutorial is going to be short and sweet. You may be like “That’s it?” when you are done reading. Doing a weathered black wash look is actually SUPER easy!! First I want to give you the supplies I used. These are affiliate links that do not cost you anything to use. I do get a small commission but it helps support my small business and allows me to bring you free content. So thank you for all of you who support me, it means more than I can tell you.

Supply List:

  1. Caviar Chalk Mineral Paint by Dixie Belle (this is a true black)

  2. Dixie Belle Premium Chip Brush

  3. Rag or paper towels

  4. Howdy Doo Hemp Seed Oil by Dixie Belle 

Applying Your Black Wash

I only painted one coat of the Caviar on the piece. The coverage of the paint is really good but IF there were small areas that weren’t covered I didn’t care I just had them go with the look we are trying. Little peeks of the wood underneath is what I want.

painting caviar

patina paint

Wiping Back Paint

The next step in this process is to wipe away the paint from the center of the area, while the paint is still wet. For this one I wiped away the paint from the top center and bottom center.

Once you have wiped away the paint from the areas you want more exposed wood, you with soften the outline. I took a separate brush and swirled the paint at the edges. I then feathered the edges lightly to create a more smooth transition.

Once my paint dried, I applied hemp oil on the finish. The hemp oil creates a great finish, smooth with no streaks!

I told you this was super easy!!! Are you happy or mad? Are you going to try this??

Check out the final black wash look!! What do you think?