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Get An Awesome And Easy Faux Metal Look On Your Wooden Furniture

Every once in a while a piece comes a long and you KNOW what to do!! For this piece I KNEW the details needed to be shown and faux metal was a perfect fit!!

dixie belle paint

Get An Awesome And Easy Faux Metal Look On Your Wooden Furniture

The Before Shot

This table was brought to me by a friend. After seeing the top I KNEW that had to be saved!! The trim had a lot of chipped veneer so I used Wood-U-Bend Moulding’s for the edges to give it an even more ornate look. As a result, it just really brings the whole table together. My friend said she wanted grey, black and silver. I decided to go for a faux metal look. Creating this finish is actually really simple so let me show you how I did it!!

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Supply List: 

  1. Hurricane Gray Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. Best Dang Wax in Black

  3. Easy Peasy Spray Wax

  4. Old Silver Art Alchemy Wax

  5. No Pain Gel Stain in Black

  6. Synthetic Brush

  7. Finnabair Artist Brush

  8. Gator Hide

Keeping It Natural

So for the top of the table I sanded it down to bare wood. Once it was sanded down I did NOT use any stain on it. I wiped it down and then sealed it with Dixie Belle’s Gator Hide. Look at that Walnut…..A girl KNOWS when something needs to stay!!

Adding Ornate Trim

Okay so the trim which is veneer, is chipped and cracked. If I am being honest I did NOT want to remove it. I did the next best thing, covered it with Wood-U-Bend moulding. Wood-U-Bend is a product made up of wood fibers that is bendable when heated. Afterwards you can paint, stain, nail, and drill! The first step is to warm up the trim. I then measured it up against the edge of the table to see what I needed to cut. I taped the trim to the table, warmed it then cut.


Making It Permanent

I am a huge fan of Titebond’s- Quick & Thick Glue. You can however, use any wood glue with the Wood-U-Bend products. Once I had trimmed the entire edging, I glued it in place. I pulled the trim back, added glue and then spread it with my artist brush. You will want to warm up the moulding ONE  final time, then hold it in place for a minute. Add tape to secure it. It will dry in about 30 minutes but I waited a few hours to pull the tape off.

Staining And Painting

Once the trim was dry, I stained it. Using No Pain Gel Stain in Colonial Black. The stain dried for a few hours before I started painting the body of the table with Hurricane Gray Chalk Mineral Paint.

Wax On – Wax Off

The next step is to allow the paint to dry 12-24 hours before you wax. I used Easy Peasy Spray Wax as a clear wax coat over the paint but before the black wax. This technique allows you to wipe away the darker wax easier. Once the clear wax was dry (about an hour) I applied the black best dang wax.  I used a microfiber cloth to wipe back the black wax, this way the reccessed areas would remain darker.

black wax

Dixie Belle paint

Creating The Faux Metal Look

Once you have gotten to this point, you are ready to finish up the metal look! Art Alchemy has a line of soft colored waxes, Old Silver was perfect for this. I used my artist brush and added that silver wax almost like a dry brush on the entire piece. The raised parts I went over again with the wax using my finger to give them and even extra POP.

As always I put together a video for you on this piece!!! Please DO NOT forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, also leave me a comment below and tell me what you think? I always love to hear what you think or if you will try these techniques.

So without further ado, here is the final product!! What do you think?? I would love to hear from you ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for visiting!!