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Get This Guide For How To Repair Wood Veneer

Do not pass up another piece with damaged wood veneer again!! This guide is quick and easy in showing how to fix chipped wood veneer on your furniture.

Get This Guide For How To Repair Wood Veneer

How many times have you picked up a piece and there is chipped wood veneer? I want to show you how you can fix minor chips in your wood veneer without having to remove it or getting full blown crazy. This will be for those of you who are going to be painting over the area that is chipped. Dixie Belle Mud is NOT stainable unless you are using gel stains as a paint like finish.

The following is a list of supples you will need. These are affiliate links they do not cost you anything to use but I do get a small portion to help keep bringing you free and great content!

Supply list:

  1. Dixie Belle Mud (I used Brown)

  2. Mud Spatula

  3. Sanding Block

  4. Rag

  5. Paint Brush

  6. Paint (I used Flea Market Decor Line in Reclaimed Barn)

Let’s Fix This Mess

First of let me tell you what wood veneer is. When furniture makers were making, wood veneer helped produce a more even uniform look. That is why a lot of vintage and even antique pieces have wood veneer. It’s still wood but it is such a thin sheet that it often comes loose or chips over time. You don’t need to pass up pieces with chipped veneer, I am going to show you how to fix it!

Get This Guide For How To Repair Wood Veneer

Fixing The Chips

For this is am going to use Dixie Belle’s Mud in brown. They offer three different colors, brown, black and white. This will dry nice and hard and is one of my favorite wood fillers because it is easily sanded or wet rag sanded off later. The first step to fixing your wood veneer is to take some of the mud on your spatula. You will spread it across the chipped areas almost as if you are icing a cake.

Get This Guide For How To Repair Wood Veneer

Removing The Mud

Okay so now you need to let the mud set and dry, this could take a few hours depending on how much you used and where you are located. Weather can play a large factor in how any DIY products work or their drying times. Once this mud dries it will lighten in color. Take your sanding sponges and lightly sand the area until it is smooth. You will want to run your hand across the wood veneer and not feel any deviation in the surface. Once your area is smooth and sanded you will want to clean the area with a dry rag. Note: if your chips are really deep you can repeat this process until the are is smooth and filled.

Get This Guide For How To Repair Wood Veneer
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Painting The Wood Veneer

Here we are, we have fixed the veneer and we can now have a nice smooth chip free finish!! As long as you have fully cleaned your piece it is ready for paint. Look how smooth that area is now that we fixed the chips!!

Get This Guide For How To Repair Wood Veneer

Perfect and smooth!!

Get This Guide For How To Repair Wood Veneer
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