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How To Create Masculine Painted Furniture Easily

Do you want to create a more masculine painted furniture? I will show you a simple and easy way to create a beautiful and more masculine piece.

How To Create Masculine Painted Furniture Easily

I say this is how to create masculine painted furniture, but it is certainly a look for anyone in any home. It is for a male client and for the first time in a long time my husband actually really liked it. I am secretly hoping my client forgets about it because as much as I LOVE color, this piece speaks to my soul!! This piece is solid but I had to fill a few holes, changed out hardware, replace the trim and sealed a dark paint color. I want you to go on this journey with me as well.

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Supply List

  1. Coffee Bean Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. Big Mama’s Butta- Orange Grove

  3. Amazing Casting Resin 

  4. Redesign with Prima Mould- Regal Trimmings

  5. Redesign with prima decor transfer- Vintage cigar box 

  6. Quick and Thick Glue

  7. Synthetic Brushes

  8. White Lightning

  9. Brown Mud

  10. Mud Spatula

Prepping Furniture Before Painting

I ALWAYS clean my pieces really well before I do anything. With this piece I cleaned it really well with White Lightning. I also removed the wooden key holes. After removing the key covers, I was left with large holes. In order to fix bigger holes on furniture using actual wood to fill holes is always the best practice. I used wooden dowels to fill the deep holes, first cutting them to fix, gluing in place then filling the area with glue.

Patching Holes

Once the glue is completely dried, I used to fill in the holes where the key holes were. I also used the mud to fill all the other holes and blemishes. Once the mud is completely dried you will sand it off.

Replacing Trim

I needed to replace the trim on the top of the hutch. Resin and Redesign with prima moulds were the perfect fix to my problem!!! The resin is very easy to use and you will want to make sure you mix 1:1. Remember I always make videos for you? This is no exception, I go more in depth of how to make, apply and secure the resin moulds 🙂

Creating Masculine Painted Furniture

The color coffee bean was used for this makeover. I only painted one coat, which covered really well. I only did one coat because I wanted it to have an almost washed look. Once the paint dried I distressed on normal wear areas and then places where I didn’t get full coverage I actually sanded more to expose the wood under for that “washed” look.

Pro Tip: I use razor blades to remove paint from glass and mirrors vs. taping.

Did You See This Amazing Rusted Patina Paint Finish?

Sealing Dark Paint

Sealing dark paint does not have to be a nightmare. I love using Big Mama’s Butta. Wait 24 hours after the paint has dried then apply your sealers. I apply the butta, then wipe back right away. Once the butta has sat for about 5-10 minutes I wipe it away again. You CAN go back and buff later IF you want but it is not needed. Do you see how rich that right side looks?? Ughhh mazing!

YouTube Video

As always I created a You Tube on this piece as well 🙂 Don’ t forget to subscribe ❤️

I would love to hear what you think!!! Check out the final product below 🙂