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How To Easily Create Unique Bone Inlay Inspired Furniture

Bone inlay furniture and folk art furniture styles are some of my favorite!!! I wanted to mesh these two styles together for a fun boho, eclectic style!!!

Dixie Belle paint

How To Easily Create Unique Bone Inlay Inspired Furniture

I am a huge fan of eclectic furniture and so I wanted to create a piece of my own. While mixing a custom color and using a few different products. I was able to create an eclectic boho style. Bone inlay furniture and folk art furniture are two of my favorite styles, as a result I put both styles together on this piece!!

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Supply List:

  1. Holy Guacamole Chalk Mineral Furniture

  2. Colonel Mustard Chalk Mineral Furniture

  3. Sawmill Gravy Chalk Mineral Furniture

  4. Rustic Red Chalk Mineral Furniture

  5. Bunker Hill Blue Chalk Mineral Furniture

  6. Satin Clear Coat

  7. Sea Spray

  8. Bayou Moss and White Magic Vodoo Gel Stain

  9. Synthetic Paint Brush

  10. French Tip Brush

  11. Cheap Chip Brushes

  12. Stamperia Rice Paper

  13. Cutting Edge Stencil- Indian Inlay

  14. Dizzy Duck Stencil- Indian Inlay

  15. Surf Prep Sanding Kit

  16. Rad Pads by Surf Prep

Prepping Your Furniture

This piece is pretty standard so it makes it easier to get more eclectic with. It did have a shiny finish so I scoff sanded with my Rad Pads by Surf Prep and then cleaned with my Dixie Belle White Lightening.

I also stripped down the top of the console table with my Surf Prep Sanding System.

surf prep sannders

Painting The Doors

I painted the face of the doors and inset of the sides.I used Bunker Hill Blue. I did this because I would be using the Stamperia Rice Paper to decoupage. Blue was the perfect color to put behind the paper just to make sure it was perfect and dark.

Dixie Belle paint

painted furniture

Adding Texture

For this blog I didn’t go super into how to mix your Sea Spray with paint, but I have tons of video and blogs that go super in depth with it. This BLOG is a great source to show you how to mix the products. For this piece I mixed rustic red and bunker hill blue with sea spray. I added the color mixes with cheap chip brushes.

sea spray Dixie Belle

Custom Color Mix

I have been super into mixing custom colors lately. I mixed a 1:1 mix of Colonel Mustard and Holy Guacamole for this cool Dijon Mustard Color. Once I had this color mixed, I painted over the base coat that was completely dried.

Dixie Belle paint

Dixie Belle paint

Decoupaging Rice Paper

Rice paper is super durable but thin enough that it makes decoupaging SUPER easy. Stamperia makes amazing rice paper. I used this design to add the Scandinavian or Folk Art  feel of this piece. The first step is to measure the area and cut the paper to the shape of where you are wanting to decoupage. Next, take Satin Clear Coat and put it on the area you want the rice paper to be. This acts as almost a glue to keep the paper down. If you have extra paper on either side, use an exact-o knife to cut it.

Lastly, “paint” your clear coat over the paper to seal it in even more. You can use the brush to push the air bubbles out to the edges and smooth down the paper.


Bone Inlay Inspired Stencil

I mixed the Cutting Edge Stencil in Indian Inlay and Dizzy Duck Designs Stencil in Indian inlay. I taped down the stencil where I wanted it, then used Sawmill Gravy and the Dixie Belle French Tip brush to “Dab” the stencil. Once I was done putting paint on the stencil, I pulled the stencil off while it was still wet. I repeated the process across the entire furniture piece.


Bringing Out Accent Colors

Once the stenciled areas were dried, I sanded the surface with my Surf Prep Sander to expose the bottom layers of color and texture. I also distressed over the stencil to really tie in the worn and old look I wanted for this bone inlay inspired piece.

sanding paint

Dixie Belle paint

Staining The Top

Because this custom color has a tint of green, I used Dixie Belle’s Bayou Moss Voodoo Gel Stain. I added the Bayou Moss on top and then added White Magic Voodoo Gel Stain one top of that. Lastly, I sealed the piece with Easy Peasy Spray Wax.

voodoo gel stain

I also put together a video for you!!! Check it out 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 (Don’t forget to subscribe ❤️)

Here is the final result 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻Let me know what you think in the comments below!!

painted furniture

Thank you so much!!!

XOXOXO, Happy Creating!!