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How To Make Moulds To Transform Your Furniture

Are you wondering how to add character to your furniture pieces? Does it feel like your piece is missing something? Follow this guide on how to make moulds!

How To Make Moulds To Transform Your Furniture

Do you ever look at a piece of furniture and say “wow you are boring” or “you just feel like you need something extra”? Adding moulds to furniture is a great way to transform that boring old piece, as well as adding a little flair. I am a huge fan of Prima Marketing’s silicone moulds and their brand new moulding material. The new modeling material is less likely to crack and much more pliable, also a little bit will go a long way! I will also go over how to use some of Prima Marketings new silicone moulds. The process is the same for any of their silicone moulds new or old.

What Will You Need To Make The Moulds?

For the moulds I am going to go over, I used the following silicone moulds and material: -Redesign Mould – Etruscan Accents -Redesign Air Dry Modeling Material -Ceramic Furniture Knobs -Titebond Quick &Thick Multi-surface Glue (This post contains affiliate links that do not cost you anything to use but I get a small kickback to keep on creating free tutorials for you) For this particular tutorial I have used