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How To Make Your Thrift Furniture Colorful And Bold

Do you want to add some fun to your home? You have to check out this amazing tutorial where I show you how to make your thrift furniture colorful and bold!

How To Make Your Thrift Furniture Colorful And Bold

Whether you are here because you want to paint your own piece or you are wanting to resell a piece, I have to scream this from the roof tops, there IS room for COLOR in your home!! Oftentimes people think they can’t put color in their home, but that is so untrue. Having even just one focus piece of color to bring the rest of your decor together will work. Blues, reds and oranges are always great colors to choose when you are just starting to dabble in color. So naturally we are going to do a piece with all of these shades!! These colors are extremely versatile and can truth fully go in any decor. IF you do it smart.