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How To Remove Wallpaper From Wooden Furniture

Did you put embossed wallpaper on a piece of furniture? Did you pick up a piece of furniture that has wallpaper on it? let me show you how to remove wallpaper from wooden furniture.

embossed wallpaper

How To Remove Wallpaper From Wooden Furniture

A few years ago I found a cute dresser that had quite a bit of veneer damage. I wanted to see if my embossed (Anaglypta) wallpaper would work to help cover it. By golly it did!! Butttt let’s fast forward a few years and here we are, the dresser is my 3 year old sons. He doesn’t want embossed wallpaper and I don’t really either. A few years ago a lot of people did this on furniture so hopefully if this is you, or you decide to do this, later this may be of help. It is still a great way to transform a piece of furniture but now you will know how to remove it if you change your mind!

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