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How To Transform Your Furniture By Painting Fabric

 Do you want to transform a piece without having to reupholster? This guide will show you how to transform your furniture by painting fabric!

How To Transform Your Furniture By Painting Fabric

How To Transform Your Furniture By Painting Fabric

Painting fabric does not have to be hard and you don’t have to get a crunchy finish. Transforming ugly fabric should not always require you to reupholster an entire piece. it is time consuming and expensive to name a few set backs. Have you ever picked up a cute chair or bench and the fabric is in good shape but it is god awful ugly? Well don’t worry! I am going to show you how to paint fabric, without it being crunchy and gross. Did I mention you will save time, money, and your fingers by not having to reupholster?This post does include affiliate links, they cost nothing to you. The revenue made will allow me to keep bringing you great tutorials and art.

  1. What do you need:

  2. Paint: I use Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. (In The Navy for the Fabric)

  3. Paint Brush- I used my Dixie Belle Belle Brush

  4. Misting Spray Bottle

  5. Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax in Clear

  6. Mixing Bowl

How To Transform Your Furniture By Painting Fabric

How to Paint Non-Cruncy Fabric

The key to not having crunchy fabric is mixing your wax and paint. Dixie Belle Paint and wax is water based so they mix together just fine. This method will NOT work for all companies. Painting fabric will Dixie Belle Paint is super easy and doesn’t require any prep. You do however have to make sure your fabric is in good shape, so no holes or rips and tears. I mean unless that is the look you want. Paint won’t fix holes and tears but it WILL fix ugly or outdated fabric!

The first step in painting fabric is to mix whatever color you choose in paint with your clear wax. If you wanted to darken a color you could always mix it with one of the colored waxes but that isn’t what I did here.

Once your paint and wax is mixed all you need is a good brush and some water. I used my Dixie Belle- Belle Brush and my misting water bottle. First step was to mist the fabric and then I went to town. Painting fabric is just like painting any other piece.

How To Transform Your Furniture By Painting Fabric

Do I Need To Seal My Fabric?

Nope, no sealing required. The only reason I mixed the wax with the paint was to give it a softer finish when dried. If you feel like your fabric is still not soft enough you can take another coat of wax to it. Let’s be clear here though, it’s PAINTED fabric. It will feel like painted fabric. This method will make sure it isn’t crunchy or that it cracks but it will have a vinyl like feel to it. But let’s be honest, what is better? Paying $20 to re-paint the fabric or paying $200 for reupholstery? Paint on your hands or blisters from reupholstering yourself? I think we have our answer!

The final piece was painted with In the Navy for the fabric and Haint Blue with Clear Wax and Dixie Dirt in Ash.

How To Transform Your Furniture By Painting Fabric