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Learn How To Create A Colorful And Fun Coffee Table Makeover

I had this boring old wooden coffee table in my living room. I NEEDED more color!! Check out this colorful and fun coffee table makeover!!

Dixie Belle paint

Learn How To Create A Colorful And Fun Coffee Table Makeover

I had this coffee table in my living room. It was pretty much destroyed and was the “craft table” for my kids. We are a very close family and my kids HAVE to always be by us, we just accepted that the table would be where they color, create and make memories. They have gotten a few years older and they are less messy. I decided it was time to redo it. My home is colorful. if you ever wondered if an artists house looks anything like their work, the answer for me is YES!! Check out how I created this fun and colorful coffee table makeover.

The Ugly Table

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Supply List: 

  1. Buttercream Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. Colonel Mustard Chalk Mineral Paint

  3. Plum Crazy Chalk Mineral Paint

  4. Mermaid Tail Chalk Mineral Paint

  5. The Gulf Chalk Mineral Paint

  6. Voodoo Gel Stain- Tobacco Road & Up In Smoke

  7. Gator Hide

  8. Plastic Paint Scraper

  9. Synthetic Brushes

  10. High Density Foam Rollers

  11. Surf Prep Sanding Kit

Fixing The Top

Okay clearly you see the top of this table was in rough shape 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻. Using my surf prep sanding system I stripped down the table top. First using an 80 grit paper then 120 grit. For the sides of the top I used a course sanding pad then a fine sanding pad.


Adding Stain

For this piece I used Dixie Belle’s Voodoo Gel Stain. I was able to mix Tobacco Road and Up In Smoke. This line of stains is water based, as a result I wouldn’t have to wait days for the stain to dry so I could seal it.

Because this will be in a high traffic area, and I need to try to make this as bulletproof as I can I sealed it with Dixie Belle’s Gator Hide. One of my favorite ways to apply topcoats is with a high density foam roller.  Before I applied the Gator Hide, I went over the surface with a tack cloth. Tack cloths are sticky cloths meant to pull any debris off before you apply stains or topcoats and in between coats of each.

Dixie Belle gator hide

Painting The Base

I painted the bottom of this table in buttercream. You can see some muscadine wine on the base but I decided to OMIT it because it didn’t look good. So just start with Plum Crazy, OK?!?!? I took a paint scraper and skimmed across the surface almost like icing a cake.

Dixie Belle paint

Adding More Colors

I waited for each color to dry before I layered another color. I just kept layering and layering until I got the final look and was happy. For this I layered mermaid tail, gulf and colonel mustard.

Dixie Belle paint

metallic paint

As always I put together a video for you!!

I would love to hear what you think!! here is the final product below!! I love hearing form you and what you think or if you want to try this technique 🙂