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Living Kidney Donor | Living Donor Awareness and Art

The special green piece, what is it? December is when I became a Living Donor. As a Living Kidney Donor, I paint a piece special to my heart bringing awareness to organ donation.

Living Kidney Donor | Living Donor Awareness and Art

It has been 4 months since I gave one of the most important gifts I will ever give to another human being. My kidney. Kim is one of my good friends who I met through our military journey. I met Kim 2 years ago when we moved to Cheyenne, WY. All of us knew Kim was sick and that she was on the waiting list for a kidney, jokingly I told her she could have my kidney. We laughed it off, but if you know me you know I never offer things or promise things I don’t mean.

When Things Got Serious

Fast forward a year and a half and Kim’s condition was getting worse and worse. Kim’s transplant wait had extended to 5 years. Doctors gave Kim un December 2017 to find a kidney. As of last summer, Kim could no longer kayak or take part in karate and kickboxing with her family. She was exhausted and out of breath most of time. Without a new kidney, she could die.