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Making two different pieces of furniture look like a set

If you have moved around as much as I have, you know we accumulate a lot of odd pieces of furniture. Tables, dressers or chests that worked perfectly at one house never find a good spot at the new one. Like when that dresser that you loved is way too big for your new bedroom. Or when you just do not own the right-size corner table for that sunroom you did not have before.

Next thing you know, you are the proud owner of a large collection of misfits. Sometimes mixing different styles of furniture makes for a fun and eclectic home. But there are those times when you would prefer to have a traditional room where all the pieces are part of a set.

This was the case for one of my clients who is also a military spouse. She had a large oak chest that was a high school graduation gift from her father. She has owned it for 20 years and it has a lot of sentimental value. Getting rid of it was not an option.

She wanted to place the chest in her bedroom along with the dresser I just renovated for her. So she asked me if I could recreate the style of the dresser so they could look as if they were part of a set.

Challenge accepted!

Here is a picture of the dresser I renovated for her that I will use as a guide. To imitate this look I will have to give this chest a new base, add the same wood accents, and paint it using the same colors and painting technique.

How to make two different pieces of furniture look like a set.

Supply List

* This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from one of these links, I could make a commission at no charge to you.

  1. Tape Measurer

Tool List

  1. Power Drill

  2. Kreg Jig 720 Pro

  3. Speed Square

  4. Miter Saw

  5. Circular Saw

  6. Starter Sander

  7. Surf Prep Sanding Kit (Use coupon code BELLARENOVARE10)

1. Creating a new base

Since the dresser we are trying to imitate got a new and modern base, we had to repeat the process for this chest. This chest is massive and very heavy so I needed wood that could stand the weight.

I used 1×4 oak boards for the section of the base that wraps around the chest and one 2×2 for the legs. I like using oak for the base and legs because it is very strong. You could also use pine, which is less expensive than oak, but pine is more prone to split.

I have a video where I explain one of my dear friend in detail how to build a new base. Check it out.

I have been having a lot of fun creating new modern bases in my furniture makeovers. Take a look at these pieces rocking their look.

How to make two different pieces of furniture look like a set. 
Diy furniture makeover. Bella Renovare By CrysDawna

2. Adding wood accents.

For the accent I use ½ inch half round trim wood and decided to add them to the faux drawers in the mid section of the chest.

The secret for this step is to measure many many times before you cut. To create this look I glued together several half round trim pieces. If any of them was off, I would have ended up with uneven edges.

Each of these drawers needed 29 pieces of half rounds each! That is why it is so important to take your time getting the right measurements.

When I was done with all my cuts, I used wood glue and ¾’’ brad nails to attach the half round to the chest. I recommend that you glue your half round in sections. Carefully align your pieces before moving to the next section.

You also need to align the trim piece on the top drawer with the other two drawers to create a symmetric look.

I filled all the nail holes with mud in white and let it dry. After the mud was dry I sanded the excess.

3. Painting the chest.

My first step was to tape off the base because I wanted to keep the natural wood color. I want to share my foolproof trick to get crisp lines when painting furniture. I first place my tape and press it very firmly (my favorite tape is Stikk Blue Painter Tape) . Then I seal it . This will keep the paint from bleeding under your tape.

When I was done sealing the tape, I applied two coats of paint to the entire chest except the top. I thought it would look better if it matched the base. So instead of painting it I exposed the natural oak wood color by sanding away the dye that was used to cover it.

I sealed both the top and the base to protect the raw wood.

After the paint was dry it was time for some blending.

I used my mister bottle to add moisture to my working area. I applied Stormy Seas around the edges of each drawer to create a shaded look. Then I used the Fluff only in the center as a highlighter.

To add drama and dimension to the chest, I used black wax band applied it to all the corners of the chest.

I wiped away the wax excess with a microfiber cloth. To further eliminate the black wax and to lighten up some areas, I sprayed Easy Peasy Wax. Easy Peasy Wax is a clear wax that not only serves as an “eraser” for the black wax, it also acts as a sealer for the paint. 

I kept the original hardware of the trunk. However, to make it match the hardware in the dresser, I used bronze spray paint to paint the metal portion of the handles.

Look at the final product next the piece we used as inspiration. I mean, it is almost impossible to tell they were not part of the same set.

How to make two different pieces of furniture look like a set. Bella Renovare by CrysDawna.

I leave you below the video for this chest makeover from start to finish.

And here is the video of how I created the look for the dresser I used as inspiration.

There you have it. Never get rid of furniture because it does not match! Use these tricks and you could make 2, 3 or more pieces as if they always belonged together.

See you next time and happy creating!

CrysDawna BellaRenovare Furniture Artist

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