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Making two different pieces of furniture look like a set

If you have moved around as much as I have, you know we accumulate a lot of odd pieces of furniture. Tables, dressers or chests that worked perfectly at one house never find a good spot at the new one. Like when that dresser that you loved is way too big for your new bedroom. Or when you just do not own the right-size corner table for that sunroom you did not have before.

Next thing you know, you are the proud owner of a large collection of misfits. Sometimes mixing different styles of furniture makes for a fun and eclectic home. But there are those times when you would prefer to have a traditional room where all the pieces are part of a set.

This was the case for one of my clients who is also a military spouse. She had a large oak chest that was a high school graduation gift from her father. She has owned it for 20 years and it has a lot of sentimental value. Getting rid of it was not an option.

She wanted to place the chest in her bedroom along with the dresser I just renovated for her. So she asked me if I could recreate the style of the dresser so they could look as if they were part of a set.

Challenge accepted!

Here is a picture of the dresser I renovated for her that I will use as a guide. To imitate this look I will have to give this chest a new base, add the same wood accents, and paint it using the same colors and painting technique.