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My Favorite All Natural Paint Brush Cleaner

Don’t make cleaning your brushes hard! This guide will show you how easy cleaning your brushes can be with my favorite all natural paint brush cleaner!

My Favorite All Natural Paint Brush Cleaner

My Favorite All Natural Paint Brush Cleaner

Let me be perfectly clear, I am not getting paid by Scrubby Soap to say I love them. This post does contain an affiliate link to purchase the soap. I have tried many different ways to clean my brushes. This is my favorite because it smells good, it’s easy, and for someone who is terrible at taking care of her brushes, it was pretty much made for me.

Last night I had a Live where I was teaching a technique. I had to cook dinner right after so I finished with my live and walked away. This morning I was haunted with this feeling that I may have just ruined one of my favorite paint brushes. I went downstairs to find my brush dried with paint. Now I am just going to throw this out there, I use water-based paints so I cannot attest to this cleaner being able to save a brush with any other type of paint. I decided before I threw in the towel I better give my Scrubby Soap a chance to prove me wrong.

My Favorite All Natural Paint Brush Cleaner

Cleaning Dried Paint With My Favorite Paint Brush Cleaner

First step was to get my brush good and wet, so I ran it under lukewarm water and rubbed the now dried bristles, holding back tears. (Okay it wasn’t quite that dramatic). Once the paint brush was wet I pulled out my Scrubby Soap, as you can see this baby has seen some use, I need to order more. Scrubby soap is an all natural soap that is made with essential oils, they pour the soap right over the scrubby so the more you use it the more the scrubby is exposed over time. It also smells delightful.

Let’s Get Cleaning!

You may need to use a little elbow grease, but I went in the direction of the brush. You don’t want to get all crazy like you are washing your own hair, the bristles are sensitive and you need to scrub from the top of the bristles down. Once I started seeing the paint reactivate and sud up with the paint color, I knew my paintbrush had been saved! When the paint starts coming off you will want to rinse your brush with COLD water. The bristles of a brush are glued in, so when you are submerging or running it under water you don’t want to use hot water, it could potentially mess with the integrity of the glue.

My Favorite All Natural Paint Brush Cleaner

Now, I have used a lot of different methods and products as a paint brush cleaner. Things that were smelly, didnt work, and were probably not the best for my health. Scrubby Soap is all natural and comes in three different smells. I also use this to wash paint off of my hands. This paint brush cleaner saved my brush and my heart!!

To purchase the soap you can follow this link: Scrubby Soap. You can find the soap under the “brushes and more” section.

My Favorite All Natural Paint Brush Cleaner
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