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Painted Furniture Flip Church Pew -Farmhouse Decor

In this week’s furniture flip, I got to makeover an old church pew for my client. It was already in excellent condition and I knew that I wanted to keep the old world style and add some chipped paint and wax layers to give it some extra dimension and an aged look. I achieved that look by adding some paint, decoupage and sea spray texture. Let’s get started and I’ll go through the process of how I turned this church pew into a furniture flip!

Here’s the before – a gorgeous old church pew with some cool design details on the side and a back that opens (where the Bibles used to be stored). Love it!

Painted Furniture Flip Church Pew

Some of the detail on the side of the pew.

Step 1: Supply List for Painted Furniture Church Pew

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  1. Surf Prep Sanding Kit (Use coupon code BELLARENOVARE10 )

Step 2: Cleaning the Church Pew

As always, I’m starting off this furniture painting flip by prepping the piece and making sure that it’s clean before I start painting. I’m using White Lightening and I used 2 buckets of water because this pew was particularly. I put White Lightening in 1 buckets and just warm water in the other bucket. That way I could rinse the dirty cloth out in the bucket of plain water and not have to keep making up a new batch of White Lightening when the water got too dirty. Using a clean cloth, I washed the church pew from top to bottom.

Got my 2 buckets – one with water + White Lightening and the other with just water only.

Step 3: Adding Decoupage to the Church Pew

Rice Paper decoupage papers are fantastic for people who are new to decoupage or who aren’t great at it (like me!). These are really simple to use and because they are very fibrous they will not be completely smooth on your furniture so just keep that in mind when you’re applying them.

After cutting the sheets to the right size using scissors, I applied my Clear Coat to act as a glue on the pew and then placed the rice paper right where I wanted it.

I cut the rice paper decoupage to size and then adhered it.

When it was in the right place, I used my foam brush to smooth it out a little bit and then applied another layer of Clear Coat on top of the rice paper and waited for it to dry.

Painted Furniture Flip Church Pew

This is the Satin Clear Coat going on top of the decoupage and then I waited for it to dry.

Step 4: Painting the Church Pew

I already knew that I was going to add some color to the pew because my plan was to do some sanding at the very end to have some of the color peek through the layers.

I started with Antebellum Blue and did one coat all over the piece, but I did not apply it overtop of the rice paper decoupage. You can see in the image below that I painted around the decoupage and not over it.

I applied a coat of Antebellum Blue and was careful not to go over top of the rice paper decoupage.

Painted Furniture Flip Church Pew

Here is the pew with the single coat of Antebellum

Step 5: Time to Add Texture

This is one of my favorite things to do and I couldn’t wait to add lots of texture to this church pew. I love to add texture because when you start to scrape it off it really gives your piece that “chipped” look like it’s been this way for a while and has lots of years of layers underneath. I had already planned out how I wanted this painted furniture flip church pew to look and I knew exactly what colors to use and how thick I was going to apply them.

I did 2 colors on this piece and repeated the process for each color. I started with the Muscadine Wine and mixed that with the Sea Spray Texture. The key is to add the Sea Spray a little at a time until you get a brownie batter like consistency. Don’t add too much when you’re first measuring it out.