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Rustic Red Nightstand Makeover

Today we’re doing a Rustic Red Nightstand Makeover Using Mineral Chalk Paint and Stencils! Have you ever seen those rustic red furniture pieces in your favorite shop and while you’d love to add a piece to your home, it’s just not in the budget? Wooden furniture that has been restored or repainted isn’t cheap! But that’s where I come in – with a how to video that will get that coveted rustic red coffee table or console table into your home in just hours. It’s easy and doable for beginner furniture painters as well as advanced! So let’s have some fun and get started!

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Supply List

Here’s what you’re going to need for this DIY furniture painting project: Stikk Painters Tape Lintless- Reusable Rags Furniture dollies Surf Prep Sanding Kit (Use coupon code BELLARENOVARE10 )

The Before – Rustic but Promising

Look at the Rustic Charm of this Nightstand Before the Makeover

Let’s get started with our Rustic Red Nightstand Makeover Using Mineral Chalk Paint and Stencils! This nightstand had some repair issues that I needed to take care of before I could get started with the rest of the prep work so I tackled that first. Nothing that a little wood glue can’t fix! It had also been treated in the past for woodworm (I have a whole video on how to deal with woodworm in your furniture on YouTube) so I needed to use some Mud to smooth some of those deep areas out before I started painting. Once this area was sanded and painted, it was smoothed out slightly but still had some of that rustic charm that I wanted to keep.

Rustic Red Nightstand Makeover Using Mineral Chalk Paint and Stencils

Applying the Mud in Brown to smooth out some of the areas where there had been woodworm.

After two coats of Mud had dried, I did some light sanding and then cleaned the entire piece with a vacuum to take care of all of the dust and then cleaned the whole piece with White Lightening, my go to.

Applying and Adhering the Wood-U-Bend

Then it was time to get out the Wood-U-Bend, my heat gun and some Wood Glue. Have you ever use this wood trim before? It’s super fun and super easy! You just need to apply heat to the roll to unwind it and then carefully line it up with tape to the area you are going to glue it to. In my case, I was applying it around the very bottom of this nightstand. In the image below, I’m applying heat to the roll to soften it so that I’m able to line it up on the nightstand.

Rustic Red Nightstand Makeover Using Mineral Chalk Paint and Stencils

Applying heat to the Wood-U-Bend product. It’s super easy to use!

Pro Tip: Grey Base Coats are Key!

Once the trim was all lined up and glued along the bottom, it was time to put a base coat of Grey B.O.S.S. and here is a PRO TIP for you! If you are painting with reds and bright pinks, it’s a good idea to put a base coat of grey paint on and that way you won’t have to paint multiple coats of red. It’s my pro tip for you and it works every time!

This is the 1 coat of Grey B.O.S.S. paint that I put on before the red paint.

Rustic Red Mineral Chalk Paint

When that coat was completely dry it was time to get out the Rustic Red Mineral Chalk Paint. I love this color! The perfect shade!

Rustic Red Nightstand Makeover Using Mineral Chalk Paint and Stencils

Adding Rustic Red Mineral Chalk Paint on top of the grey.

Silk Screen Botanical Design Stencils

My client wanted a really subtle design on this nightstand and I knew exactly what I wanted to do so I got out my reusable Botanical Stencils and my Gloss Clear Coat. With the clear gloss, I knew that the stencil design was going to show up but it wasn’t going to be in color or loud since we wanted to keep this piece simple. By the way, these stencils are so easy to use! The stick beautifully and you can peel them off to reposition or when you’re done that section, just peel and move to the next section.

These are reusable stencils! Gamechanger!!

Wiping the Clear Coat Before Peeling Up the Stencil

One thing you need to remember when you are applying the clear coat gloss is that it can get a little bubbly, so after you apply it and before you peel off the stencil, take a microfiber cloth and white the gloss.

Wiping the clear gloss before I pull up the stencil. This will keep the gloss from bubbling.

Gemstone Mousse in Gold

I wanted to add a little something special to this piece. The rustic red is awesome, but I felt like it needed a little gold. I mixed my Gemstone Mousse in gold with a little bit of clear gloss and went to work on the wooden trim that I had applied earlier.

Rustic Red Nightstand Makeover Using Mineral Chalk Paint and Stencils

Look at that Gemstone Mousse in Gold!

YouTube Video

If you love this piece and want to follow along step by step click the link to my You Tube video and I’ll walk you through how you can recreate this piece for yourself from start to finish. The best thing is that it’s easy and if you’re a beginner, you can do this!

Check out the how to video!

Rustic Red Nightstand Makeover Using Mineral Chalk Paint and Stencils

The Finished Product!

Happy creating friends!


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