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Staining Furniture for Beginners

I made a HUGE mistake when I stained the top of this wooden furniture and since I get asked what to do when this situation happens a lot, I decided to film it and show everyone how easy it is to fix. So here’s what happened: I sanded the top which is wood and didn’t make sure that I had completely removed the pre-existing stain before I put the new stain on. This is a big no no! After I put the new stain on, the orange splotches started coming through and it looked terrible. So let this be a lesson for all of my fellow furniture painters. Please follow these simple instructions and take a bit of extra time to examine your piece before you move on to the next step. I’m happy that this was an easy fix even though it’s more time and labor to go back and correct it. So here is short post on staining furniture for beginners. Here’s what we’re working with:

Staining Furniture for Beginners

Supply List for Staining Furniture

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  1. High Density Foam Roller

  2. Tact Cloths