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The Easy No-Fail Way To Layering Paint on Furniture

Learn the layering paint technique to bring your furniture finishes to the next level. This is the quick and easy guide to layering paint on furniture!

The Easy No-Fail Way to Layering Paint on Furniture

The Easy No-Fail Way To Layering Paint on Furniture

If you are a furniture artist or hobbyist you know that the layering paint technique is a huge hit right now. Of course it is, its beautiful and adds so much character and depth to a piece. Wet distressing is a perfect way to show the different layers of color. Wet distressing is also a safe way to distress a piece without the dust and chemicals sanding can often release into the air. Dry brushing is also another technique that can add a lot of character to your piece.

The first step to working on any piece of furniture is the prep work! Prep work will make your finishes last even longer. If you are unsure of how to prep or want to see how I personally prep my pieces this post will guide you th