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The Most Amazing Thrift Store Furniture Makeover That You Will Love

You will love this thrift store furniture makeover! This will make you want to run right out and buy all the pieces from your local thrift store!

The Most Amazing Thrift Store Furniture Makeover That You Will Love

The Most Amazing Thrift Store Furniture Makeover That You Will Love

I have to confess when I saw this piece I knew it was going to be mine forever. I never had any intentions of flipping this piece. I had to glue the door back together and it has a little chipped veneer but I don’t care, she’s mine, ALL mine!! So, listen I gave this wonderful piece a Crys’Dawna makeover. You know, colorful, bohemian, and happy vibes!

Thrift store furniture is my jam! This is why it should be yours too! you can makeover and amazing piece of furniture with a few simple products! I will be linking other blog posts here because there are different steps I took for this piece. I wanted to break it down in several posts.

First of all, I will get you a list of products that I used on this piece as a whole. Each blog post will break it down again as well.

What Will You Need?

  1. Dixie Belle Paint in Plum Crazy

  2. Dixie Belle Patina Prime Start

  3. Dixie Belle Bronze Patina Paint

  4. Dixie Belle Blue Patina Spray

  5. Dixie Belle Brown Wax

  6. Dixie Belle Gilding Wax in Teal Turquoise

  7. Dixie Belle Gilding Wax in Bronze

  8. Dixie Belle Gilding Wax in Warm Gold

  9. Prima Art Alchemy Wax in Indian Pink

  10. Prima Art Alchemy Wax in Firebird

  11. Prima Art Alchemy Wax in Peacock

  12. Prima Art Alchemy Wax in Electric Violet

  13. Prima Artisan Powder in Trianon Patina

  14. Prima Artisan Powder in Mesdemes Merlot

  15. Redesign with Prima Lavender Fields Transfer

  16. Dixie Belle Dixie Mud-Black

  17. Redesign with Prima- Stick and style Roll Cornell Garden

  18. Dixie Belle White Lightning

  19. Dixie Belle Mini Brush

  20. Dixie Belle Belle Brush

Okay so the first thing you are going to want to do is prep your piece, for this piece I cleaned it really well my Dixie Belle White Lightning. Thrift store furniture is well traveled and you always want to make sure you clean your pieces really well. There is no such thing as NO PREP even if that means your prep is thoroughly cleaning your pieces.

Let’s Create!!

The Most Amazing Thrift Store Furniture Makeover That You Will Love

After I prepped my piece, I painted two coats of Dixie Belle’s Plum Crazy. Once my base coat was dry I added the Lavender Fields transfer in different areas. You will want to put your transfers on BEFORE WAX!! Transfers can be amazing for your thrift store furniture makeovers! I then chose different areas to apply the brown wax with my belle brush. After i applied the wax I gently wiped it back with a rag. This gives the piece a jewel tone look.

Next step is to add the patina to the piece. I am going to share with you how I got the patina look on the metal sheet in the door. You will use the SAME process but you can omit the prime start when using the patina line on things other than metal.

Get This Amazing Patina Metal Look Easily

Embossed Stencils

I added my own enbossed stencils to this piece as well. I didn’t like the like plain void on the sides. I avoided waxing those areas for this particular reason. Making embossed stencils is super simple and quick if you follow the instructions below.

After the stencils were dry I decided to just use my gilding waxes right over them. To give this piece an aged look I also use artisan powders. I used the artisan powders in the raised accents. That is the easiest and most effective way to add this effect to your thrift store furniture. Look here, I even made you a video!!

The Most Amazing Thrift Store Furniture Makeover That You Will Love

The final step to this piece is adding the gilding waxes. Do NOT be intimidated by this. I use my Belle Brush and I dab the different waxes. After I have wax on my brush I swipe across my piece in different places. This part has no rhyme or reason I just start it and kind of let myself go.

The Most Amazing Thrift Store Furniture Makeover That You Will Love

I hope this blog post helps inspire you in different ways on how to transform your thrift store furniture!!