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The Most Beautiful Colorful Painted Furniture

I love color! It is spring now so I want to show you how to blend paint and created the most colorful painted furniture. Make your spring furniture bright!

Dixie Belle paint

The Most Beautiful Colorful Painted Furniture 

First before I start, I NEED TO explain why I did this piece. Two years ago in December of 2017, I donated my left kidney to my friend Kim. You can read about our story HERE. Anyways April is donate life month, organ donor awareness if you will. I really wanted to create a piece of furniture to celebrate! On this piece I did some blending and used a few different transfers. Colorful painted furniture speaks to my soul, it makes my heart happy so I HAD to do this one in colorful spring shades. Below is a list of products I used and how I used them ❤️

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