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The Most Beautiful Colorful Painted Furniture

I love color! It is spring now so I want to show you how to blend paint and created the most colorful painted furniture. Make your spring furniture bright!

Dixie Belle paint

The Most Beautiful Colorful Painted Furniture 

First before I start, I NEED TO explain why I did this piece. Two years ago in December of 2017, I donated my left kidney to my friend Kim. You can read about our story HERE. Anyways April is donate life month, organ donor awareness if you will. I really wanted to create a piece of furniture to celebrate! On this piece I did some blending and used a few different transfers. Colorful painted furniture speaks to my soul, it makes my heart happy so I HAD to do this one in colorful spring shades. Below is a list of products I used and how I used them ❤️

* This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from one of these links, I could make a commission at no charge to you. Please read my disclosure and my privacy policy here.

Supply List

  1. Kudzu Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. Daisy Chalk Mineral Paint

  3. Limeade Chalk Mineral Paint

  4. Synthetic Paint Brushes

  5. Misting Water Bottle

  6. Surf Prep Sanding Kit

  7. Fern Wood Transfer by Redesign W/ Prima

  8. Sunflower Fields Transfer

The piece I chose to work on is a lane cedar chest. I did it for my daughter years ago and in between it being in a child’s room and an international move, it needed a new paint job.

Sanding Down Texture

My first step was to sand down the texture I had created years ago. I wanted to keep some of it but I wanted to do transfers and they work much better on a flat non-textured surface. My surf-prep sander has been a god send for me, I can sand inside and it smoothes out the texture with ease. I started with an 80 grit paper, then smoothed it out with a 120.

surf prep sander

Adding A Base Coat

When I am blending, I always put down a base coat first. Because I am blending three colors in a horizontal fashion, I will put a base coat of each color.

Dixie Belle paint

Blending The Paint

Okay so here is the thing about blending, it takes practice. You can practice on sample boards, scrap wood, cardboard, or even on furniture. I am going to try to write out an explanation of blending the best I can but for this I am attaching the video I made because many of us are visual learners. First here are some keys to blending 👇🏻.

Pressure- you want to us light pressure when you blend your paint.

Direction of brush- move your brush in ALL directions, up-down, diagonal, little circle motion, using different directions will help.

Moisture- whether you are using the moisture from your wet paint, or water moisture, moisture is key in blending.

Brush type- A good brush is key! whether that be your favorite natural bristle or synthetic.

Paint type- not every paint brand will blend. It’s a fact. Make sure the paint you are using is KNOWN for its blending capabilities.

Now that we got that out of the way, I am going to try and walk you through how I would blend the line between Kudzu and Limeade. (The process is the same no matter the colors BTW).

Blending Process

The line where the paint colors meet needs to have wet paint, paint a second coat of fresh paint at the meeting point. Take your mister bottle and mist, DON’T DRENCH, that same area. I work from the bottom color up, you could do the top color down, this doesn’t matter. I start half way down my kudzu and after dipping my brush and wiping off the excess paint I make an almost feather motion from the bottom up into the limeade. You can use different directions at this point as well. Next I use my limeade brush and do the same process but I work from the middle of the limeade down into the kudzu.

The last part is our neutral brush. This is a brush with no paint. you will mist the area and just lightly feather that brush from the top of the blending area to the bottom. This will help smooth out your transitions as well.

Dixie Belle paint

Adding Transfers

Once my piece was blended and dry, I added transfers. I cut up three different transfers and just places them randomly on the piece. Okay maybe not randomly, it made a little bit of sense.

prima marketing

And that is it! it was easy and simple with little products. You now have some spring inspiration!!

I would love to hear what you think about it in the comments!! Check out the final product below and let me know what you think ❤️❤️

Dixie Belle paint

Thank you so much for being here!! Happy creating!!


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