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Trash To Treasure You Need To See This Upcycled IKEA Chest Of Drawers

Have you ever wanted to give your boring furniture a makeover? Do you have the chance to grab a piece of IKEA furniture on the side of the road or facebook marketplace? You NEED to see the upcycled IKEA chest of drawers and what I did!! You aren’t even going to recognize it! * This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from one of these links, I could make a commission at no charge to you.

Supply List

ikea pine chest of drawers

The Before

From Trash To Treasure

Above is what the piece looked like before. Nothing special. Just a cheap pine IKEA chest of drawers. I got it from my friends garage. I actually followed my friend Katie from Salvaged By K Scott’s YouTube video. She used cane webbing on her makeover. I WASSSS going to. Truth be told, I didn’t measure before I cut and the cane was too small, so jute/burlap it was!! It was a happy mistake.


Cutting The Drawers

I followed my friend Katies video from YouTube on this next step. If this is going to look like a major upcycled IKEA chest of drawers it needed a major overhaul. For this part you will need a square, pencil, drill and jigsaw. The first step was to mark the edges, think of it as we are cutting out a rectangle in the center of the drawer. I measured 2″ from each edge. (I have to admit I was so into this part I forgot to measure the cane webbing, wahhh wahhh I cut it too big. In the end I used jute/burlap which I liked better for the color scheme. Happy accidents!)

measuring cuts with plastic square

Drilling and Cutting

The next step is to drill holes on the inside of the 90 degree corners. You want to use a drill bit big enough that your jigsaw blade will fit. This will help you start your cut so you can remove the center of the drawer.

drilling pine drawer

Once you have a hole drilled at all four corners you can start to remove the center. Put your jigsaw in each hole and follow the lines you have measured and drew. As a result you will be able to remove the center of the drawers and have nice openings for your material.

using a jigsaw to cut out center of drawers.

Building A Shelf

The bottom of this piece looked incomplete to me. There was one board going across. I decided to get some pine boards, cut them to size and screw them in to make a shelf. I like using KREG jig screw because the drill bit allows me to counter sink the screws. As a result I can use wood filler to fill the holes and you would never know there was a screw there!

Cleaning and Paint!

Once I was done with the power tools, it was time to clean and paint! I cleaned the piece really well with White lightning cleaner. Once I was done cleaning, I painted. For this I used the new Silk All-In-One mineral paint. This will be available in the U.S. and Canada at the ends of Feb online. I used the color Deep Sea which is a dark blue, the finish is a smooth silky look. This doesn’t require a topcoat because it is already built in! SCORE!

Dixie Belle white lightning and silk all-in-one mineral paint

Adding The Burlap

In order to really make this a totally upcycled IKEA chest of drawers, we need the last piece of the puzzle. BURLAP! I cut the burlap to fit the holes, then staples them into place.

stapling burlap on drawers

YouTube Video

As always, I put together a youtube video for you to see my entire process 🙂 I also show you how I colored the bottom shelf!! You gotta watch the video to see it!!!

Check out the final product below!! I would LOVE to hear what you think!! Don’t forget to also check out my friend Katie!! Happy creating friends!! XOXOXO

Final Product!

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