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Vintage Hutch Makeover

We all love happy endings. Don’t we?

Let me tell you a story that began with many hiccups, but eventually reached a happy ending.

One of my clients collects tea sets and displays them in a hutch. She wanted to give her hutch a makeover but since the piece was massive I could not bring it to my shop. We tried to fit it in my car then hers with no luck.

So… I thought it would be easier to work at her house. I was happily working on site, progressing nicely and all of the sudden a door fell apart! As in, the door joints opened up and the glass crashed to the floor, fell apart.

Fortunately this hutch was not a heirloom and my client was not worried about repairing it. In fact, we agree it was better not to replace the glass since the door joints might be compromised and the new glass could also fall.

Now she had no hutch for her collection.

I was not going to let my client’s hope for a vintage hutch makeover die there. I drove an hour away and found a very similar piece and set my mind to give it such a transformation that would make my client forget how this journey started.

Supply List

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Tool List

  1. Surf Prep Sanding Kit (Use coupon code BELLARENOVARE10)

Prep Work for a Vintage Hutch Makeover

Because this hutch will be used to display tea sets, I wanted to paint the inside in a light color that will make them stand out.c