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You Have To See This Beautiful Vintage Desk Makeover

Updated: Nov 20

vintage secretary desk

This vintage desk makeover was so much fun to create! Let me show you how I blended beautiful grays for a beautiful classy look. For this project I used Wise Owl’s Chalk Synthesis Paint. Below is a list of supplies to use for this look. These are affiliate links, they cost you no money to use but I do earn a small commission if you click and buy through them. Supply List

  1. Green EZ Furniture Cleaner

  2. Gray Linen Chalk Synthesis Paint Wise Owl

  3. Weathervane Chalk Synthesis Paint Wise Owl

  4. Antique Villa Chalk Synthesis Paint Wise Owl

  5. Black Natural Furniture Wax

  6. Matte Varnish by Wise Owl

  7. Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer (Gray)

  8. Paint Brushes

  9. Painters Tape

  10. Surf Prep Sander (Use Code BELLARENOVARE10 for 10% off)

Prepping Furniture

This vintage desk was super dirty, not only that but the finish on it was failing. I used GREENEZ Strip & Clean finishing cleaner to clean this. I used full strength, sprayed it on the entire piece and let it sit for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I did take a 3M green pad and scrubbed it, then I rinsed it really well with water. You can see here just on this spot how dirty the piece was.

I did not use a chemical stripper or sander on this piece, this was a result of the cleaner, a 3M pad and water…..can you even believe it? I did take a fine sandpaper and go over it after it fully dried to smooth it out again. Water can raise your grain so sanding it lightly after will help close the grain back up.

Refreshing Your Vintage Desk

I used Wise Owl’s furniture salve to refresh and deodorize this vintage desk. All you do is apply it liberally to the area and hip away with a cloth, it brightens the wood and makes it smell super good!!!

wise owl salve for vintage desk

Blending Neutrals For A Classic Statement Piece

I blended different shades of gray on this vintage desk. This was for a friend and she wanted it to be neutral but also bold. What a task. I started with priming it with the gray stain eliminating primer by Wise Owl. Next I painted a base coat of Gray Linen. Once that was dry I outline all the areas I wanted to be shaded with Weathervane.

blending wise owl paint

I then misted the area with water and worked it together in a circular motion. I also added Antique Villa in the center and did the same thing, misted and used a circular motion to blend all the colors together. At the end I misted the surface and took a clean dry neutral brush and blended the entire side.

vintage desk painted

Sealing Your Painted Furniture

The last thing I did was seal the entire piece with Wise Owl’s Matt Varnish. I did apply some decor transfer on there and I show you in the full video below how I did that.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog and the video!! Until next time!! HAPPY CREATING!! XOXO


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