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You Have To See This Simple But Amazing Painted Dresser Makeover

This painted dresser makeover is so cute!! It is simple and only a few products were used but it has completely transformed the look of this piece.

painted dresser

You Have To See This Simple But Amazing Painted Dresser Makeover

My best friends daughter has turned 10 this February and for her birthday I wanted to give her something special. I took her boring white dresser and turned it into something fun and cheery and more grown up. I love these colors together and I am loving the new stick & style stencils by Redesign by Prima. This is such a cute but grown up painted dresser makeover.

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Supply List:

  1. Buttercream by Dixie Belle Paint Company

  2. Apricot by Dixie Belle Paint Company

  3. Colonel Mustard by Dixie Belle Paint Company

  4. Gold Digger by Dixie Belle Paint Company

  5. Synthetic Brush by Dixie Belle Paint Company

  6. Artist Brush by Finnabair

  7. Redesign by Prima Stick & Style Stencils- Dot/Mini Dot

The first step for this was to clean my piece really well. Once I cleaned my piece I painted the Buttercream over the top and down to the middle of the top three drawers and side.

Once the buttercream paint was dry, I painted with the apricot from the bottom of the buttercream all the way down. I also pulled out the drawers so I could paint the frame of the dresser.

Dixie Belle chalk paint

boho furniture

Blending The Colors

After I painted the dresser and allowed it to dry, I blended the buttercream and apricot line. You can see the technique I used to blend below 👇🏻👇🏻

After the paint was blended I started adding the gold dots!!!!

Adding Golden Dots To The Painted Dresser

For this method I used the Redesign With Prima Dot (Mini and Large) Stick & Style stencil!!! I wanted the dots to be gold therefore, I used Dixie Belle’s Colonel Mustard and Gold Digger. I also use and artists brush for this part. After cutting the stencil the length I needed, I placed it where I wanted on the dresser.

stick & style stencil

The first step is to paint colonel mustard. Once that is dry you will do 2-3 coats of the Gold Digger Moonshine Metallic paint.

painted dots

blending furniture

Adding More Dots

After you have added your last coat of the gold digger you will pull the stencil off. At this point I used a pencil to mark the places I thought a dot should go, as a result I got a more uniform look. I just reused the same sheets of stencil over and over and repeated the process.

painting dots

I would just step back every so often to see if I liked the way it looked. At one point I put the hardware on and off to get the full feel. You have to use your own descrition at this point.