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You Need To Add This Crackle Paint Effect To Your Furniture

Do you like weathered and old paint techniques? Me TOO!! I want to show you how to get a cool crackle paint effect easily! Check it out!

You Need To Add This Crackle Paint Effect To Your Furniture

Crackle paint effect is one of my most favorite techniques. I am a sucker for an old world and weathered look. Even though I do this on a wooden charger plate, you will just do the same thing on your furniture or home decor projects. Just on a large scale (for furniture of course). I ma going to give you the entire list of products I used for this projects so you can duplicate it, if you would like. These re affiliate links but they do NOT cost you anything to click and order through them. I get a small commission to help support my small business and keep bringing you cool and free content. So I thank each one of you who does use them or even those of you who share or direct people to my blog.

Supply List

  1. Dixie Belle Crackle

  2. In The Navy by Dixie Belle

  3. Vintage Duck Egg by Dixie Belle

  4. Grunge Gray Best Dang Wax

  5. Dixie Dirt in Earth

  6. Bronze Gilding Wax by Dixie Belle

  7. Modeling Material by Redesign

  8. Winter Blooms Mould by Redesign

  9. In the Garden Mould by Redesign

  10. Leafy Blossoms by Redesign

  11. Premium Chip Brush for Wax

  12. Cheap Chip Brush for Dirt

  13. Oval Medium Synthetic Brush

  14. Artist Brush or Finger for Gilding Wax

Let’s Get Crackling!

Before you put your crackle on, you need a base coat. You can use a different paint color than what you will put on top. IF you want to see the raw wood through the crackle paint effect vs. another paint color you will need to lay down a clear coat first, crackle, then paint. For this project I used two different color paints. I really like how the lighter colors look over the darker colors, furthermore I can age them with wax and dixie dirt to really enhance the weathered look.

How To Get Cracking

The base coat of this wooden charger plate is In the Navy. You need to make sure your base coat is completely dry. After you have a base coat painted, next comes the crackle. Crackle is thicker almost like a syrup, the thicker you put the crackle on, the bigger the cracks. After you put the crackle on you need to allow it to fully dry, it will be glossier than your paint. I also will look like it is separating in spots, this is normal.  Allow your crackle to dry thoroughly.

Adding Paint For The Crackle Paint Effect

After your crackle is completely dried, you will add your second paint color. I chose Vintage Duck Egg for this. One thing to note, DO NOT BACK BRUSH, I repeat DO NOT BACK BRUSH when you are painting. The crackle work immediately and you will ruin the crackle effect. You can however lightly crosshatch if you want.

Adding Wax

You do not have to do this next part but I wanted to really enhance this crackle paint effect with a few thing to help age my project. Again you can use these same techniques on a larger scale, such as furniture. I used the Grunge Gray Best Dang Wax. I used my premium chip brush to add wax in the crevices and around the edges.

Dirtying This Thing Up

The next step was to add Dixie Dirt in Earth. I used a cheap chip brush and dabbed it on the areas with the wax.

You can brush the dirt away outside our on a drop cloth.

I also added appliqués to this project. You can see how I did it in the video below.

Check out the finished product below!!! What do you think? Will you try it?

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