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You Need To Check Out This Unique Sewing Machine Makeover

Have you ever seen such a cool cabinet? Let alone one that holds a sewing machine? Yeah, me either. This unique sewing machine makeover was so fun!!

You Need To Check Out This Unique Sewing Machine Makeover

I have seen a lot of furniture but I won’t even lie, this piece threw me for a loop. Let me explain. I saw it, instantly knew I wanted it and looked no further. I get my furniture from the thrift stores in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. This particular piece had a few things on top of it, then the guys who work there grab it and load it for you. To my surprise when I was unloading it, it was HEAVY!! Hellooooo Singer Sewing Machine!!! I have never seen a sewing cabinet like this. I knew I HAD to make this the most awesome sewing machine makeover EVER!!

This is the before… (cool but boring right?!!?)

sewing machine cabinet

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Supply List:

  1. Midnight Sky by Dixie Belle

  2. Coffee Bean by Dixie Belle

  3. Chocolate by Dixie Belle

  4. Pine Cone by Dixie Belle

  5. Best Dang Wax in Brown

  6. Dixie Dirt in Earth

  7. Old World Map Decor Transfer

  8. Big Mama’s Butta in Orange Grove

  9. No Pain Gel Stain- Walnut

  10. Stain Application Pads

  11. Sanding Block

  12. Redesign Wax Brush

  13. Synthetic Brush

  14. Premium Chip Brush

  15. Cheap Chip Brush

  16. 000 Steel Wool

Adding The Transfer and Paint

The first step in this transformation is to add the decor transfer, I used “Old World Map”. After I applied the transfer (and not very good may I add, it’s okay its going to get distressed) I painted the entire piece in Midnight Sky and I went down and around the actual transfer as well.

sewing machine cabinet

Creating Burnt Edges

The next step is to create the “burnt” edges. I used a few different colors here. I am going to try to explain it as best as I can but I have also attached a video that will be helpful as well. Step one is too take the Coffee Bean and go around the transfer and create the “shape” you want. Once you have painted the Coffee Bean, you will paint Chocolate over top of that. You will be layering all of these colors, as a result you will get more depth and dimension.

Pinecone will be the next color you layer on top. I used cheap chip brushes for all of these steps. Once you have added the pinecone, take a neutral brush and blend it all in.

Below is a larger look at what each step looks like. The ;last step was to add a little more Coffee Bean around the edges to darken it up just a bit.

Getting A Smooth And Flawless Finish

Before I applied any sort of top coat I wanted to make sure that my finish was smooth and everything was cohesive. I used the Sanding Sponge to go over my entire piece. Using the steel wool and went over the transfer for extra burnishing as well as I also wanted to soften the edges of my “burnt map”

Dark Wax and Dirt

I had to add just a little more depth and character to this sewing machine makeover!! I used the brown easy peasy wax to add a more aged look to the transfers and around the edges of the burnt edge. Once the wax was applied I added the Dixie Dirt in Earth. This just adds a little more character and dimension to that “burnt edge”.

Sealing The Final Product!

Dark paint can sometimes be a pain to seal. One of my go to’s is Big Mama’s Butta. I used Orange Grove, it not only gives you a flawless finish on dark furniture but it smells sooooo good!! I used my Re-Design Wax Brush. Once the Butta sat on my piece for about 10 minutes I removed the excess and buffed it in with a lint-free cloth (you can use an old t-shirt).

Staining The Top

I used the No Pain Gel Stain in Walnut to stain the top of this piece to tie in the masculine and classic look. I applied it with the application sponges.

Below I have added a video for you below to time everything together and walk you through this process. I would love to hear what you think!! Final product is below!!!