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You Need To Learn How To Create Unique Coral Painted Furniture

I love all things bright and I don’t think it is really a secret. What I really wanted to do was make this little secretary desk a statement piece. I have been itching to paint either a bright pink or coral piece. This girl needed help! Let me show you how to create amazing coral painted furniture

* This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from one of these links, I could make a commission at no charge to you.

Supply List

  1. Redesign With Prima Chalk Paste- Hubbard Squash

  2. Redesign With Prima Decor Wax- Diamond Dust/Vintage Silk

  3. Finnabair Ornate Lace Stencil

wooden secretary desk

The Sad Before

Preparing Your Furniture for Mineral Chalk Paint

This piece was pretty shiny and dirty! I cleaned it really well with my White Lightning then rinsed it with clean water. Once the secretary desk was dry, I scuff sanded it. As a result my furniture has a great surface to start with. Remember your final result is only as good as your prep.

prepping furniture for paint

Mixing Coral Painted Furniture

For this special coral color, I mixed 2 parts of Cotton (bright white), 1 part of Daisy (lemon yellow), 1 part of Peony (bright magenta) and 1/2 part of Florida Orange (bright orange). (In case you use a different paint brand, these are the shades you need).

coral painted furniture

Afterwards, I painted the entire piece in two coats of this custom coral color. Later on I added a little more Peony to create more of a salmon color. I also add some of the peony at the bottom and blended the entire piece. I created a video for you!!! Check it out, please subscribe if you aren’t already ❤️

Adding Stencils To Painted Furniture

After I blended and painted this secretary desk, I added a stencil. I used a stencil that looks like lace! Using Redesign With Prima’s Chalk Paste in Hubbard Squash I spread it across the stencil with a plastic spatula.

I would love to hear what you think about the final product below! Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well 🙂 Also you can click the links above to purchase your supplies ❤️

painted coral furniture

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