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You Need To See How I Did My Dresser Repair To Bring It Back To Life

This previously had wallpaper and major veneer damage. I will show you how I did this dresser repair and why you don’t need to dump those ugly duckling dressers.

surf prep sander

You Need To See How I Did My Dresser Repair To Bring It Back To Life

I showed you in recent blog posts how I removed the wall paper from this piece. Even showing the final result after I created texture using a roller. What I didn’t show you was the in-between. How did I take this ugly duckling dresser that has some serious veneer damage and outdated gold leaf that need to be fixed and removed to a cool boho dresser? Sit back while I show you this amazing dresser repair!

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Supply List: 

  1. Surf Prep Sander or (your preference of orbital sander)

  2. Dixie Belle Mud

  3. Plastic Mud Spatula

  4. Metal Putty Knife

Before The Fixing

antique dresser

Okay so this dresser is STILL looking rough. This was AFTER I removed the wallpaper from it. The next step for this is to sand it down, remove loose veneer, remove gold leaf, and patch up the veneer.

I took a metal putty knife and removed the loose veneer. Then I sanded down the areas where I removed the loose veneer.

sanding a dresser

embossed wallpaper

Sanding The Dresser and Removing Gold Leaf

My next step was to sand the entire piece down to remove the excess left behind after removing the wallpaper. The gold leaf HAD to go so I also sanded that off as well. As a result I have a fresh piece to put my Dixie Mud on. Wood filler is essential for me when it comes to dresser repair! I also sanded down the wooden appliqués that were super thin, I was NOT feeling them!

sanded dresser

Dixie Mud For Dresser Repair

Dixie Mud is my go to for filling holes, chipped veneer, and raised stencils!! It dries fairly fast and sands down really easily which makes it a dream to work with. I used a plastic spatula and filled the chipped veneer areas almost like I was icing a cake.

Dixie Belle mud

Working in thin layers is key!  After my first layer dries I sand it down, then assess if it needs another layer. When the damaged is more severe, those areas need more than one layer of mud. As a result you will have a much more even and smooth surface to paint over.

Dixie Belle mud

Painting Your Furniture!

Once you have fixed the chipped veneer, it is time to paint. I chose Barn Red by Dixie Belle to paint this dresser. At this point you could leave the furniture a solid color or do what I did and add some boho texture!!

barn red chalk paint

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of the process of this dresser!! Let me know what you think below!!


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