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You Need To See This 1800’s Furniture Transformation


My client entrusted me to give this chest from 1800 a new glam up! I used Wise Owl’s Chalk Synthesis Paint, Varnish and Wise Owl Heavy Metal Paint! Stay tuned for this amazing furniture transformation.

Supply List For Your Furniture Transformation

Green EZ Furniture Cleaner Sapphire Chalk Synthesis Paint Wise Owl Satin Varnish by Wise Owl Wise Owl Stain Eliminating Primer (Gray) Cling On Block Brush Surf Prep Sander (Use Code BELLARENOVARE10 for 10% off)

Preparing For Your Furniture Transformation

One of the most important steps when painting furniture is to prep. You NEED to clean it really well. I used the GREEN EZ cleaner for this and you can see it in the before and after picture the huge difference when cleaning.

cleaning furniture for a furniture transformation

Beautiful Sapphire Furniture

For this 1800’s chest furniture transformation I used Wise Owl’s Chalk Synthesis paint in Sapphire, Satin Varnish and Heavy Metals Metallics in Gold Dust. Sapphire is a beautiful bold blue and Gold Dust is the perfect accent and compliment to this piece!

wise owl products

Painting The 1800’s Chest

Prior to painting this chest in Sapphire, I used the stain eliminating primer. Dark gray is the color primer I chose, this primer will not only help the paint adhere but it allows for less coats of the sapphire and an even brighter finish!

dark gray primer

Adding Varnish And Gold

The last thing I did was add Wise Owl’s Satin Varnish. I added two coats and then allowed 24 hours for it to fully dry. Once the varnish was dry I went over the details with heavy metals metallic in gold dust. I wiped away the excess and used it almost as a glaze!! This was the perfect add to the sapphire blue!

I created a video for you to see the full process!!

Happy creating friends!! XOXO


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