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You Need To See This Amazing IKEA Dresser Makeover!

Ikea is not always a name we associate with super high end furniture. This doesn’t mean we can’t take those pieces and transform them into something awesome!! I want to show you how to achieve an amazing IKEA dresser makeover with only a few supplies!!

* This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from one of these links, I could make a commission at no charge to you.


  1. Conch All-In-One Mineral Paint

  2. Baja Gray All-In-One Mineral Paint

  3. Gray Best Dang Wax

  4. Surf Prep Sanding Kit (Use coupon code BELLARENOVARE10 )

Stripping IKEA Furniture

Not all IKEA furniture is solid wood, however much of it is. This piece of furniture is made of pine. I have cabinets that are MDF and then others that are pine from IKEA. With that being said, this piece is pine and was painted with a white factory finish. Using my 5″ orbital sander by Surf Prep I sanded the finish off of the top. I used an 80 grit then 100, then 120.

Prepping For My IKEA Dresser Makeover

On this project I am using the BRAND NEW Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint. This paint will be available online in the U.S and Canada at the end of Feb. (It is only in the E.U., U.K., New Zealand, and Australia as of now). Okay so I needed to prep this piece. Ikea put almost a primer like paint on it. The surface was not shiny, it almost had a matte feel. As a result I only needed to clean really well! I removed all the hardware and cleaned the piece really well with cleaner. This situation makes this IKEA dresser makeover even more simple!

Applying Mineral Paint

For this IKEA dresser makeover I chose the color Conch from the Silk All-In-One line. Conch is a blush pink, a perfect color for a soft feminine feel. I use a dry synthetic brush when I paint with mineral paints. These are different than your chalk type paints so you need to make sure you go in with the mindset that these are two different animals. Mineral paint is easy to use but you do not want to overwork it, the finish is beautiful!! I applied two coats of conch on this dresser.

Adding Texture

Mineral paint can be used with texture additives, it distresses nicely and layers nicely. Mineral paint CAN be blended but I will be honest I do NOT like blending it. For this next step I mixed Baja Gray and Sea Spray to create a textured stencil only on the top four drawers.

Staining Wood With Wax

To complete this IKEA dresser makeover. I needed to give the top a whole new life. As a result, I applied Best Dang Wax in Grunge Gray over the entire top. I immediately removed all the excess wax. After 15-20 minutes I went back with a microfiber cloth and buffed the rest. I like staining pine with wax because in my opinion it is more even.

You CAN put a top coat over the waxes. I ended up waiting roughly three days and applied Gator Hide over the top for added protection.

IKEA Dresser Makeover Video

As always I put together a YouTube video on the entire process for you 🙂

Check out the final product below!! I would love to hear what you think also 🙂

Happy creating friends XOXO

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