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You Need To See This Amazing IKEA Dresser Makeover!

Ikea is not always a name we associate with super high end furniture. This doesn’t mean we can’t take those pieces and transform them into something awesome!! I want to show you how to achieve an amazing IKEA dresser makeover with only a few supplies!!

* This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from one of these links, I could make a commission at no charge to you.


  1. Conch All-In-One Mineral Paint

  2. Baja Gray All-In-One Mineral Paint

  3. Gray Best Dang Wax

  4. Surf Prep Sanding Kit (Use coupon code BELLARENOVARE10 )

Stripping IKEA Furniture

Not all IKEA furniture is solid wood, however much of it is. This piece of furniture is made of pine. I have cabinets that are MDF and then others that are pine from IKEA. With that being said, this piece is pine and was painted with a white factory finish. Using my 5″ orbital sander by Surf Prep I sanded the finish off of the top. I used an 80 grit then 100, then 120.