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You Need To See This Aurora Borealis Blended Buffet

Create your very own Northern Lights!! I want to show you how create this beautiful blended buffet so you can have a one of a kind piece of furniture!

You Need To See This Aurora Borealis Blended Buffet

I have always had a special love for The Northern Lights A.K.A The Aurora Borealis. If you have never seen them they are magic, now I have never actually seen them in person, I may just faint when I do! I am sure pictures and videos DO NOT do them justice. Nevertheless I have ALWAYS stopped anytime a picture or video of an Aurora Borealis comes across my screen. If you have followed me for sometime you know I pull inspirational from all over and I am HUGE into faux finishes. Today is NO exception!! I am going to show you how to create an Aurora Borealis blended buffet!!

* This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to purchase from one of these links, I could make a commission at no charge to you. Please read my disclosure and my privacy policy here.

Supply List

  1. Evergreen Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. In The Navy Chalk Mineral Paint

  3. Amethyst Chalk Mineral Paint

  4. Bunker Hill Blue Chalk Mineral Paint

  5. Kudzu Chalk Mineral Paint

  6. Synthetic Paint Brushes

  7. Continuous Fine Mist Spray Bottle

  8. White Lightning

  9. Redesign With Prima Decor Wax

Before The Transformation

I got this cute little buffet table in Luxembourg. This a pretty common Belgian/French piece of furniture. Solid, well built, NOT an antique. My client sent me a few color schemes she liked and I kind of just built the idea for this painted buffet there.

wooden buffet

Removing Hardware and Cleaning

Before I paint furniture I always remove the hardware or tape the hinges (unless the finish calls for painted hinges). I also clean it really well with White Lightning.

Laying Down A Base Coat

For this blended buffet I placed the In The Navy all along the bottom and up the sides. The evergreen went every where else. The first step is to blend these two colors together, as a result you will have a good base on your Aurora Borealis finish. I painted two coats of each color and THEN blended them.

painted buffet

Blending Paint

Trying to write out HOW to blend paint is a little tricky. I will do my best and then of course I have a video for you! When I blend I have a brush for each color and then a dry clean neutral brush to help with the final “blending and feathering”. The first step is to add a little more paint of each color at the transition points. Next you will want to mist the area slightly and start with one of the colors (doesn’t matter which) lightly blend into the next color. Repeat that step with the other color. After you have blended the two colors together, you will mist again and take your neutral brush to feather and lightly blend again.

blending paint

Adding In More Color

Once the entire buffet was blended, I added in other colors. I added in the Amethyst, Bunker Hill Blue and Kudzu. The process really is the same for this as well. This blend required me to pull the colors further into other colors. Don’t worry I have it all in the video!!

blended buffet

The Blended Buffet YouTube Video!

See I told you I would have a video for you ❤️❤️❤️

I have also put the final pictures below and would LOVE to hear what you think?!?!?! Are you going to try this?


chalk painted buffet
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