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You Need To See This Beautiful French Furniture Makeover

French furniture has always been one of my favorite styles. I knew this piece needed something soft and beautiful far from my bold and colorful boho.

Dixie Belle paint

You Need To See This Beautiful French Furniture Makeover

French furniture has ALWAYS been one of my favorite furniture styles. I found this piece at a local thrift store and I KNEW she needed to be regal!! I keep saying it was out of my comfort zone but let’s be honest do I even HAVE a zone? So sit back while we turn this piece into a beautiful French country beauty!

French furniture

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Supply List: 

  1. Tea Rose Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. Drop Cloth Chalk Mineral Paint

  3. French Linen Chalk Mineral Paint

  4. Grunge Gray Wax

  5. White Wax

  6. Sea Spray by Dixie Belle

  7. Decor Mould In The Garden

  8. Decor Mould Fragrant Roses

  9. Vintage Gold Wax

  10. Cheap Chip Brushes

  11. Dixie Belle French Tip Brush

  12. Surf Prep Sander

  13. Fast Cast Resin

  14. Titebond Quick and Thick

Adding Appliques

The first thing I did was to make and add appliqués from the decor moulds. I used fast cast resin to make the appliqués. This method is particularly easy and creates beautiful and professional looking appliqués. You will want to layer and glue the appliqués when they are still pliable. Furthermore, I felt like the panels were too open and bare. These moulds created the perfect little embellishments to add some character and class.

decor moulds
blending furniture

Putting A Base Coat Down

I put a base coat of Drop Cloth after I put the appliqués on. This helped prepare my piece for the layer of sea spray that would come next.

Dixie Belle paint

Sea Spray And Tea Rose

After my base coat of drop cloth dried, I added the layer of drop cloth and sea spray. In addition once that dried I painted the entire piece in Tea Rose.

Dixie Belle paint

Sanding And Waxing

The next step was to sand the piece to expose the French Linen and Drop Cloth underneath. This technique just gives a piece more depth and a more “French country” look. After I was done sanding, I added Grunge Gray wax. As a result I got an even more aged and romantic look. I applied the wax around the edges of the trim and on the flowers with my Dixie Belle French Tip brush.

Dixie Belle paint

Dixie Belle paint

Lighten Up!

I wanted to lighten up the grunge gray wax a little bit. I used the white Best Dang Wax and went over the Gray wax to lighten it up slightly, as a result the wax is a more natural transiton.

white wax Dixie Belle

Transforming The Top

I used my Surf Prep sander to sand down the top of this piece to bare wood. Once I removed the finish, I applied white wax. I removed the excess wax with a paper towel. Once the wax had sat for 15 minutes I took a micro fiber towel and buffed the wax into the top of the piece.

waxing the top

I also put together a video for you 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻. I have a full YouTube Channel that you NEED to check out! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Check out the final product below!! Let me know what you think in the comments below!!

painted furniture

Happy creating!!!


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