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You Need To See This Mid-century Modern Furniture Makeover

Do you like retro style? I want to show you how to paint furniture in a retro style! Check out this mid century modern furniture makeover!

You Need To See This Mid-century Modern Furniture Makeover

I typically do not work with Mid-Century Modern (MCM) furniture. This small little chest of drawers was too cute and I had the PERFECT idea!! This furniture is generally from the 60-70’s era. A time when things were retro and colorful. In fact the tag on the back said 1963. I decided she needed something awesome! I saw a piece of furniture on wayfair that had a cool design so it inspired this look. This is fairly easy, tedious but easy. I want to show you how to paint stripes on furniture and make it look cool and retro!

Below is a list of supplies I used for this super cute little makeover!

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Supply List

  1. Apricot Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. Pink Champagne Chalk Mineral Paint

  3. Rusty Nail Chalk Mineral Paint

  4. Pure Ocean Chalk Mineral Paint

  5. Colonel Mustard Chalk Mineral Paint

  6. Flamingo Chalk Mineral Paint

  7. Soft Pink Chalk Mineral Paint

  8. Painters Tape

  9. Ruler

  10. Synthetic Paint Brushes

The Before!!

Prepping Your Furniture

Before you learn how to paint furniture, you need to understand the importance of PREP. Whatever that may mean to you and the paint brand you use. I use Dixie Belle and it is require to at least give your furniture a really good clean prior to painting. I ALWAYS clean my pieces really well with White Lightning. This piece doesn’t look too terribly dirty right? WRONG! Check this out 👇🏻👇🏻

After I cleaned the piece really well, I applied Dixie Belle’s B.O.S.S. I applied the white B.O.S.S. because I was mixing a light color combo together as well. This will help prevent bleed thru with the lighter colors.

Dixie Belle B.O.S.S.

Dixie Belle paint

Creating Custom Colors

Using Pink Champagne and Apricot I mixed a unique 50/50 mix creating a nice warm peach color. After I created my mix, I painted the entire piece with the Pink and Apricot mix.

How To Paint Stripes on Furniture

I do not have a ruler so I used one of my wooden stir sticks and measured out 2″. Putting tape down on the right side as an initial marker on the right side of the drawers helped me mark where the stripes would be. I then put tick marks all down the piece at the 2″ mark. After I marked it I put another piece of tape all along the 2″ marks. The first color I used was Rusty Nail. I painted two coats and when the second coat was still wet, I removed the tape.

Continuing the Stripes

After each stripe dried I did the same thing for all the rest for the stripes. 2″ from each previous stripe. I also put tape on the edge of the dried stripe to keep the stripes nice and clean.

The final stripe colors from left to right are Soft Pink, Flamingo, Colonel Mustard, Pure Ocean, and Rusty Nail.