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You Need To See This Unique Raspberry China Cabinet Makeover

It’s no secret I love BOLD COLORS. I kept putting off this china cabinet makeover until I chose the perfect color. Here it is in her BOLD Raspberry glory!!

painted furniture

You Need To See This Unique Raspberry China Cabinet Makeover

I have had this china cabinet for a few months. My husband and I found it in Belgium. It was SUPER DRY and we KNEW it needed some love from me.  I fell in love with it immediately and even though he may not admit it I think my husband did too. As a result we scooped her up and brought her home. I have been DYING to paint something in a beautiful raspberry color. Problem was, I needed to mix the perfect shade. After this piece sat for a few months I finally found the perfect mixture and KNEW she was meant for it. So even though this seems like an easy enough transition, it is months in the making for this perfect china cabinet makeover.

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Supply List: 

  1. Peony Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. Plum Crazy Chalk Mineral Paint

  3. Honky Tonk Red Chalk Mineral Paint

  4. Caviar Chalk Mineral Paint

  5. Black Best Dang Wax

  6. Easy Peasy Spray Wax

  7. Big Mama Butta (Orange Groove)

  8. White Lightening Cleaner

  9. Satin Clear Coat

  10. Synthetic Brush

  11. Wax Brush

  12. Cheap Chip brush

  13. Sponge Brush

  14. Rag

  15. Mixing Cup

  16. Mixing Stick

  17. Floral Tissue Paper

Cleaning Your Furniture

My first step when painting furniture is to clean my piece with White Lightening Cleaner. You never know how dirty a piece may be. Having a clean surface to work with is key to the adhesion of paint. You also need to make sure that after you go over your piece with cleaner you go over it with just waster to get any residual cleaner off.

cleaning furniture

textured furniture

Adding Character To The Inside

I painted the inside top of the hutch in caviar. I made sure that the areas that WOULD NOT be cover in tissue paper had a second solid coat. The panels where the tissue paper would be just had a rough first coat.

painting a hutch

Once the paint was dry, I took my sponge brush, satin clear coat, and tissue paper and created magic! The first step is to lay down a layer of the clear coat so that the tissue paper has something to keep it in place. As a result the tissue paper will stay to the back of the hutch like glue almost. Finally once the paper is laid down and smoothed out, I took the sponge brush and gently painted another layer of the clear coat ON TOP of the tissue paper. This just adds a special and cool touch of character for the china hutch makeover.


The PERFECT COLOR For A BOLD A Dramatic Makeover

It is no secret that pink is one of my favorite colors. Not just a light cutesy pink, I am talking BOLD AND BRIGHT PINKS!! Finally, I found the perfect combo of a beautiful yet bold and classy Raspberry color. You can see how it compares to they other more bold pink hues Dixie Belle Paint carries. This perfect color is a 1-1-1 mix of the following by Dixie Belle: Peony, Plum Crazy, and Honky Tonk Red.

Getting Our Paint On!

I painted the entire piece in this custom color for my china cabinet makeover. This piece is very ornate so I used a dry cheap chip brush to go over the already painted areas to “paint wipe” away any excess paint. This is key to get a clean and non-gloppy look.

painting a china hutch

Staining Raw Wood With Wax?!?!?! WHAT???

Yes you read that right! I used my black best dang wax to STAIN the top of the buffet part of this whole china hutch!! I made sure the surface was cleaned, remember I told you this piece was dry? When I say dry I mean DRY I didn’t even have to sand it down, it was super dry and super raw! I just added the wax to the top, wiped away the excess, then 15-20 minutes later buffed it. As a result, I got a beautiful stained top that was also hydrated with some wax!!