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You Need To Try This Easy And Beautiful Faux Carnival Glass Technique

Have you ever seen carnival glass, it’s amazing!!! Well I have figured out how to get a faux carnival glass look on furniture!! Come check it out!

You Need To Try This Easy And Beautiful Faux Carnival Glass Technique

I love carnival glass, I always have. This tutorial is a long time coming. I have wanted to do a faux carnival glass finish for a long time and was asked months ago to do one. So here we are friends. This is pretty simple! Remember there is a video also embedded below. I am going to start like always with a list of supplies you will need. These are affiliate links, they cost you zero dollars to use, I do receive a small commission. This allows me to keep bringing you great information for free!! I appreciate your support.

What Do You Need?

  1. Peacock Chalk Mineral Paint

  2. Moonsine Metallic Paint in Caribbean

  3. Gold Gilding Wax

  4. Dixie Belle Belle Brush 

  5. Lucky Emerald Wax

  6. Electric Violet Wax

  7. Old Denim Wax

  8. Peacock Wax

  9. Opal Magic- Turquoise Satin Wax

  10. Redesign Wax Brush


  1. Redesign Modeling Material

  2. Royal Fountains Mould

  3. Titebond Multi Surface Glue

The Before

This piece is super cute, it’s like I have been waiting for her for months. I needed the perfect piece that spoke to me in order to do this finish. I waited and waited, as a result I found this cutie. She isn’t quite a lingerie chest but not quite a dresser. What I do know, is she needed some  faux carnival glass love put on her!

Adding Some Flair

I felt like this little cutie needed a few little pieces of jewelry if you will. I used a few moulds, modeling material and glue to add a few little details to this piece.

Because this was a vertical surface, I taped down my appliqués with painters tape, waited about an hour and then removed the tape.

Getting Her Ready With Metallic Paint

So I am not going to go over how exactly I got the metallic base on this piece, because well I already did a blog and video on it. So I have a few pictures and I did removed the drawers but see how I did the metallic base finish HERE. Also below 👇🏻👇🏻. My first step was to paint the entire piece in Peacock.

Once I had a base coat of Peacock, I applied two coats of the metallic paint in caribbean.

See how to get the most perfect metallic paint finish 👇🏻👇🏻.

Creating The Faux Carnival Glass Finish

Creating a faux carnival glass finish is super simple. Almost too simple that you are going to be like, what?!?! So half the battle is getting the metallic paint finish on your piece, the rest is a breeze. I took all the waxes I listed above and started applying them to my piece. You will need a separate brush for each wax.

I started with the violet wax but truthfully you can do it in whatever order you want. I did use the old denim color to blend it all together. The only wax that HAS to go last is the opal magic. Even then if you don’t want a “frosted glass” look you could skip it. The opal wax just kind of finished off the look.  I put all the waxes except the opal magic and old denim randomly on the piece. placing each wax next to the other.

Blending and Finishing The Wax

After applying the four colors above, I used the old denim next in a circular motion and blended the edges and waxes together. Be careful not to add too much old denim you don’t want it to completely cover the other waxes just help blend and mute them slightly. Once I did that, I applied the Opal Wax lightly over the entire piece. These waxes are self sealing, you do not need to add another sealer over top. Give them a few days to dry and cure 🙂 

That’s it guys!! It was super simple working with the waxes to complete this look. I even did a video for you below. You have to let me know what you think and if you are going to try this out!!! 

What do you think? Isn’t she pretty??



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