It’s that time of year, you know when we get super excited to find out our water based paints may have froze in transit. This guide will help revive your water based frozen paint.

Your Guide On How To Revive Frozen Paint

Let me first start by saying, this could go either way. Depending on the paint brand or how it has been frozen. I unfroze a jar of Dixie Belle for this experiment. That’s not to say that it wont work for other water based paints or it will, buttttt if your here reading this, you probably have a jar/can of frozen paint so…what do you have to lose?

I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. my garage is not heated and well frankly as I like to think that the mailmen have our precious paints in a special heated area, we all know that is NOT the case.

I have seen a lot of questions about frozen paint. Is it doomed? Can I use it? How do I thaw it? Well I am going to show you what I did, with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint that is a water based paint.

How Do You Know You Have Frozen Paint?

Trust me you will know, you may even cry. Don’t. I will show you signs of frozen paint and we will work our way to reviving it.

So before you even open your jar of paint, you will see little crystals, the jar will feel harder than normal and once you open it you’ll know. OOOO trust you will know frozen paint when you see it. Don’t worry I will walk you through some steps in hopes we can save YOUR frozen paint. I do want to point out that it does not matter what brand of water based paint is your favorite, they all have the potential to freeze.

Your Guide On How To Revive Frozen Paint
Frozen Paint Is Depressing

Let’s Save The Frozen Paint!

First you have a few options, if you have a heat vent you can set your paint jar near or on top of it to speed up the process. Or you can bring the paint into a warmer area and let it thaw slowly.

Let's Save The Frozen Paint!

Once it starts to thaw you will want to start stirring it little by little, dont force it but just kind of start stirring over time to mix it gradually back together. If you are patient and do this you will start to see it coming back to life. I stirred mine with a wooden paint stick.

Your Guide On How To Revive Frozen Paint
Slow and Steady Wins the Race friends!

Painting With Your Revived Paint

Once you have stirred and mixed your paint should hopefully be back to its normal gooey lovely consistency. I have painted with thawed paint numerous times and have never had a problem. It still goes on just as good as if it was never frozen to begin with.

Again this may NOT work depending on the severity of the freeze. At this point though, its better to thawed and lost to have never thawed at all. Am I right friends??

Happy Painting and Good Luck!!

Your Guide On How To Revive Frozen Paint