Do not be intimidated by metallic paint. I am going to show you some tips and tricks to get a smooth and beautiful finish with metallics.

See How To Get This Perfect Metallic Finish

Metallics have an amazing finish. It doesn’t have to be hard though. Metallics are thin and stickier then normal chalk mineral paint. There are a few tricks I use when painting with metallics that I want to pass a long to you. 

First I want to give you the first tip, lay down a base coat. Lay down a base coat of the regular Dixie Belle paint before you use the metallics. Metallics are is thin and naturally has less coverage. When you lay down a base coat it saves on the amount of paints and coats you use with the metallics.

What Base Coat Goes With Which Metallic Moonshine Paint?

Dixie Belle paint

Metallics-Base Coat Suggestion (You Can Grab Any of The Following HERE)

Pacific- Cobalt Blue
Caribbean- Peacock
Silver Bullet- Manatee Gray
Steel Magnolia- Dried Sage
Rozay – Tea Rose 
Wedding Belle- Lemonade
Gold Digger- Colonel Mustard
Deep Woods- Palmetto

Supplies used for this project:

Laying Down Your Base Coat

The first step in this process is to obviously prep your furniture piece and then put down a base coat. Generally you will only need one to two coats of the chalk mineral paint it depends on how dark the surface is that you are painting. One coat usually is enough, this is something that you will have to decided based on the coverage of the original finish on your furniture. Keep in mind, the better coverage your base coat has, the less coats of metallic paint you will need.

I put down one coat of the Cobalt Blue on this bed. I allowed it to dry for a few hours, as a result I have a great foundation to apply the metallics.

cobalt blue bed

Applying The  Moonshine Metallic

After my base coat was fully dry I started applying the metallics. One thing to keep in mind here is to NOT back stroke or go in different directions. Starting on one side to another is the better way to paint with metallics.  Another tip is to not put too much paint on your brush, thin even coats are much better.

Because metallics are so thin and dry faster, going in different directions can over work your paint and as a result they will affect the smoothness of your finish.

Finishing Up Your Metallic Paint

Once your first coat of paint is dry, you will want to lightly go over the entire furniture piece with a 000 or 0000 steel wool pad. This just helps knock down any imperfections in the finish. Because it dries so fast and is so thin. After you have went over the piece with steel stool, make sure to use a damp cloth to get all the dust. Wait for it to fully dry and add another coat. I only needed two coats of the Pacific over the Cobalt. 

The Moonshine metallics do not require a top coat. IF you choose to use one I recommend a gloms so you don’t lose the shine metallic finish of the paint. Check out how cute my sons bed turned out. What do you think?? I also did a video below for you!

Are you going to try this? I would love to hear it!!



Thanks for hanging out with me!! remember you can grab all your supplies below!