Let me walk you through the top five tips to help you blend chalk paint like a champion! Don’t be stressed out, follow these helpful tips for blending.


The Best Five Tips How To Blend Chalk Paint On Furniture

Blending blogs are always the hardest for me to write out. I am a visual person and walking someone through blending with words is actually harder than you would think. For this blog I am going to give you MY top FIVE tips when blending. I will also put some of my top YouTube videos in here to help you get more a visual on how to blend.

I am going to share my latest blended piece first. Below is a list of the supplies I used but no matter what the colors the process I use is always the same.

Here is my latest blended furniture piece 👇🏻👇🏻

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Supply List

Below is the video on the piece above 👇🏻

How To Blend Chalk Paint- My Top 5 Tips

Okay so here is a list of my top five tips to blending paint on furniture.
  1. Make sure that the paint you are using will actually blend. Many people say paint is paint it all blends. I beg to differ. Chalk type paint and clay based paints blend pretty well, mineral paints do NOT. They CAN be blended but you really need to be experienced and many times those paints do not reactivate with water so once it’s dry, it’s dry. Chalk like paints and clay based paint play really well with water.
  2. Use a good quality brush. I have blended with synthetic and natural bristle brushes and they both do really well. This is a matter of preference really. I do NOT suggest using a cheap chip brush, it will not have the softness or bristle volume that really makes blending much easier and more beautiful. (I start with a damp brush, not sopping wet)
  3. WATER!! You CAN blend without water but it requires you to work a little more fast because you are only using the moisture with the paint. Having a water bottle (I prefer a fine mist bottle because it sprays the perfect amount of water) will allow you to keep your paint open longer.
  4.  A neutral brush. Using a brush for each color is great but once you are done blending using a “neutral” brush as a final feather over will be all the difference in your final blend. I like my neutral brush to actually be dry. I mist the area and the dryness of the brush just helps pull it all together without over-wetting or disturbing the paint.
  5. Practice. if you can’t quite get it right, practice. Practice on practice boards, cardboard, small decor pieces. Just remember it is JUST paint and you can just paint over it. Don’t overthink it.

Blending Blogs & Videos

Below I am going to share some of my top blogs and videos on blending. Just click right on the video or picture 🙂


Dixie Belle paint

I hope you found this blog helpful on how to blend chalk paint. I often do videos each week and a lot of them have how to blend so don’t forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel if you are more of a visual learner 🙂

Thank you so much!!